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Gymnastics Legends at Brisbane Nationals

Russell Smart, Monday, 20 July 2009

During the recent Nationals in Brisbane, Gymnastics Australia welcomed two very special guests to the competition floor.

The first guest was Mitsuo Tsukahara, one of the most innovating gymnasts of all time,
famous for the Tsukahara vault named after him.
Winning 5 Olympic Gold Medals, 1 Silver Medal, and 3 Bronze Medals,
Tsukahara was an important factor in the Japanese Men's Gymnastics Team
winning the team competition in 3 consecutive Olympic Games (1968, 1972,
and 1976).
Mitsuo is joined by his wife Chieko Oda Tsukahara, Olympian and current
National Coach of the Japanese Women's Gymnastics team.

The second guest was Frank Vig. Frank competed in the first Australian Championships in 1950,
and is considered the father of Gymnastics Queensland.

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