Women's Artistic Gymnastics Award Recipients

As one of the recognised Gymsports within Gymnastics it is important that the gymnasts, coaches, and clubs working hard to ensure success within Women's Artistic Gymnastics are recognised for their contributions and achievements. The Annual National Women's Artistic Gymnastic Awards are designed to do just that - recognise Women's Artistc Gymnastics members for their outstanding achievements, contributions and dedication to the sport.


Year Elite: Senior Gymnast Elite: 
Junior Gymnast
Elite: Coaching Team Levels: Gymnast of the Year Levels: Coach of the Year Carol Sussman Award International Development: Coach of the Year  National Development: Coach of the Year
2016  Emily Little (WA)  Talia Folino (VIC)  Nikolai Lachpine & Martine George (WA)  Teliah Farren-Price (VIC)   Skye Benson & Tony Benson (NSW)  Savannah Compton (SA) Joshua Fabian & Regan Molyneaux (WA)  Kaylin Norris (QLD) 
2015  Larrissa Miller (VIC)  Talia Folino (VIC)   Waverley (John Hart/Shaoyi Jiang) Melanie O'Mara (ACT)  Lauren Park (QLD)  Neilena Bazley
 Jeb Silsbury, Nadiya Koryakina & Jessica Mason (VIC)  Amanda Deurloo & Katherine Rogers (WA)
2014 Larrissa Miller (VIC) Aya Meggs (WA) Waverley (John Hart/Shaoyi Jiang) Meagan Silvers (VIC) Skye Sinclair & Tony Benson (NSW) - Regan Molyneaux & Josh Fabian (WA) Kirsten Cole (QLD)
2013 Madelaine Leydin (VIC) Franceska Fusha (WA) VIS Meagan Silvers (VIC) Debbie O'Carroll (QLD) -    
2012 Lauren Mitchell (WA) Jazminne Casis (NSW) WAIS Rachel Figgis (VIC) Simone Greig (VIC)  -
2011 Lauren Mitchell (WA) Emma Jane Nedov (NSW) WAIS Alicia Brown (VIC) Jackie Caldwell (VIC)
Amanda Deurloo (WA)
Eloise Valli (WA)
2010 Lauren Mitchell (WA) Angela Donald (VIC) WAIS Alicia Brown (VIC) John Mitchell (QLD) Eloise Valli (WA)
2009 Lauren Mitchell (WA) Emily Little (WA) WAIS Emma Longmuir (QLD) Jackie Caldwell (VIC) Olivia Burnett (TAS)
2008 Lauren Mitchell (WA)
Daria Joura (WA)
Emily Little (WA) WAIS Natasha Hammann (SA) Qu Derui (ACT) International:
Dasha Joura (WA)
Gabrielle Carlson (NSW)
2007 Daria Joura (WA) Emma Dennis (VIC) WAIS Natasha Hammann (SA) Pat Walden (SA) International:
Dasha Joura (WA)
Kristy Bishop (QLD)
2006 Daria Joura (WA) Jasmine Webb (QLD) WAIS Heather Rath (NSW) Jim Rickert (QLD) International: 
Daria Joura (WA) 
Kristy Bishop (QLD)
2005 Monette Russo (VIC) Chloe Sims (QLD) VIS Kimberly Dick (NSW) Ben & Josh Holmes (NSW) International: 
Daria Joura (WA) 
Heather Rath (NSW)
2004 Allana Slater 
Alyce Arrowsmith (QLD) WAIS Corri Keating (WA) Desiree Jones (WA) International: 
Monique Blount (ACT) 
Monique Cowan (QLD)
2003 Allana Slater 
Monette Russo (VIC) WAIS Iryna Rytova (VIC) Kylie Shabolt (QLD) Lisa Skinner (QLD/QAS)
2002 Allana Slater (WA/WAIS) Stephanie Moorhouse (VIC/VIS) WAIS Iryna Rytova (VIC) Nedal Alyousef (VIC) Allana Slater (WA/WAIS)
2001 Jacqui Dunn (SA/AIS) Sarah Lauren (WA/WAIS) AIS Sara McIllwraith (NSW) Daniel Benson (NSW) Jessica Turner (VIC)

The commitment and support shown by all of the above coaches, leaders, clubs and administrators has been outstanding and the National Awards bestowed on each is only a small token of the sports' thanks for this dedication. Congratulations to all.

Award Criteria

Please consult the Technical Regulations relevant to the year of competition, under the tab 'About Us', then 'By Laws, Policies and Technical Regulations'.