Gymnastics In Australia Strategic Plan 2020 - 2023


Gymnastics is recognised as the Foundation for movement, enriching and energising bodies for life.


To Promote our brand, Develop our people and Grow our sport.


Values are the internal compass that guide the actions of our sport. These are the attitudes and behaviours that are expected of the Gymnastics Australia Board of Directors, Staff and Members to adopt and live by.
Respect our people, Excellence in delivery, Act as one and Lead with integrity.

Strategic Pillars

  1. Engage and Enthuse
    Inspire our current and future participants and athletes, maximising their enjoyment and longevity in the sport.

  2. Enable
    Grow our workforce by establishing ourselves as a leading developer of gymnastics clubs, coaches, judges, volunteers and administrators (our workforce).

  3. Excel
    Refine high performance systems and training environments allowing athletes to deliver podium performances at benchmark events.

  4. Endure
    Enhance and implement a whole of Gymnastics approach that underpins our long-term future.

Strategic Objectives

  • Industry leading stakeholder communication underpinned by data and technology.
  • Reposition gymnastics as a foundation sport through the elevation of our advocacy, profile, brand and events that tell our hero stories.
  • World class coaching and judging programs and significant growth in numbers.
  • Club support and growth that recognises individual needs and opportunities.
  • Revitalised and aligned high performance programs and pathways that lead to sustained international success.
  • Innovative digital engagement with increased direct member and fan connection.
  • International recognition and a leader in our region for our program and events.
  • Strong leaders across the whole sport, supported by an aligned culture and structure.