Athletes' Commission

What is the Athletes' Commission?

Gymnastics Australia (GA) established an Athletes' Commission with the view to providing a process to promote open communication with and feedback from, athletes. Gymnastics Australia believes, like most other sports, that athletes, present and past, can make a very valuable contribution to the sport.

The Athletes' Commission is:

  • A non-political group which can offer advice and assistance to GA on matters and issues of relevance to athletes
  • A promotional tool available for the purposes of promoting the sport to sponsors, the media and the general public
  • A resource for GA to enable athletes to be drawn on to provide advice and feedback on matters relevant to athletes
  • A group that can facilitate and promote high standards of sportsmanship and ethical performance when competing/participating at the national or international level
  • A group that can relate immediately to athletes competing at the highest level and establish relationships to promote feedback to GA on matters concerning elite athletes.This group will have a national focus and deal with national and international matters.

Roles and responsibilities of the Athletes' Commission

The roles and responsibilities of the Athletes' Commission are:

  • Establish open lines of communication with athletes to identify issues relevant to the various gymsports that need to be addressed by the Commission
  • Examine the GA Business Plan and give feedback to the Board on areas of improvement and/or concerns that require input from athletes
  • Assist in the formulation of policy for athlete support programs
  • To provide support for athletes to achieve their personal best
  • Assist athletes in their retirement from competition/participation in the sport and ensure that they receive the appropriate recognition and assistance through this stage
  • Ensure the Roll of Honour is maintained
  • Provide regular reports and recommendations to the GA Board on issues of relevance to athletes
  • Assist in promoting and delivering the Ambassador Program
  • Undertake special projects that may be relevant to the Commission and their Terms of Reference.

Note: This is not a conclusive list and roles and responsibilities may be changed from time to time as determined by the Board.

Operating guidelines

The operating guidelines of the Athletes' Commission are:

  • The term of office for Commission members will be four (4) years
  • One formal meeting per year, other meetings to be called on a needs basis
  • Meetings on an informal basis when the opportunity arises.

The Commission will have access to the following communication tools:

  • The GA website will include a special page on the Athletes' Commission with an ability for athletes to email the Commission with any of their concerns and/or view points
  • Commission members to receive the GA Board minutes, technical bulletins and events/team reports.

Athletes Commission 2013 - 2016

The current Athletes' Commission members are:

Contact the Athletes' Commission

To contact a member of the Athletes' Commission via email please contact with ATT: (Member's name) in the subject line.

Send any written correspondence to:

Gymnastics Australia
Athletes' Commission
Sports House
Level 2, 375 Albert Road
Albert Park 3206