2016 Affiliation Standards

Affiliation with the State Association and Gymnastics Australia for the year commencing 1 January 2016 is conditional upon compliance with the following National Affiliation Requirements. For further information please contact your State Association Club 10 Officer.

  1. All of the club's participants are registered (utilising the correct codes) with the relevant State Association and Gymnastics Australia in accordance with the National Membership Database Policy and the State Membership Policy.

  2. The club maintains ongoing currency as an entity with relevant State or Commonwealth incorporation requirements (excepting where the club is unincorporated, a sole trader, partnership or registered school).

  3. The club accepts and complies with its State/Territory Association and Gymnastics Australia’s Constitution, Regulations and Policies, including but not limited to: 
  4. Working With Childrens Checks (Suitability Checks) for all staff and volunteers (paid or unpaid) are conducted in accordance with State Legislation.

  5. The club (except in the instance where the club is a school*) will maintain membership forms for all registered members and will include provision for the members medical and emergency contact information.

    Storage of these membership forms and any other personal information, including medical information must be secure and disclosure and storage must comply with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), and other applicable State requirements.

    *meaning schools who deliver gymnastics to enrolled students only and where all students personal and medical details are on file with the school.

  6. GA and State association requests for club and participant information are complied with as required.
  7. The club will implement a Member Protection Information Officer procedure in accordance with the MPIO Principles and implementation timeline (at least one person per club completes the online MPIO Course by 31 January 2016. The MPIO will be a person who does not hold office or senior management role or ownership of the Club, some exemptions apply.

  8. The Club meets its employment obligations, including the appropriate level of WorkCover insurance.

  9. All gymnastics activities, are conducted by an appropriately Accredited Coach currently registered as a Technical Member with Gymnastics Australia. Appropriately accredited means the coach has the accreditation to coach the Gymsport in accordance with theGA skills matrix for the activities. 

  10. Lesson Plans consistent with the formats endorsed by GA are prepared and used by all coaches for all classes.  The Lesson Plans must be accessible and referred to by the coach during the class and must then be held on file by the club for any future reference.

  11. Coaches and administrators are aware of and utilise correct manual handling techniques in accordance with State Occupational Health and Safety legislation.

  12. The Club adheres to an equipment safety procedure consistent with the GA Equipment Safety Principles. Completion and submission of an equipment checklist is required in accordance with the relevant State Association and approved App.

  13. The club has an injury report procedure, including an injury report form, both of which are accessible during all gymnastics activities. All injuries will be documented in accordance with the injury report procedure.

  14. The Club’s General Liability Insurance meets the National Insurance Standards.

  15. The Club maintains ongoing compliance with the basic venue safety requirements:

    • Safety Rules are on display within all club venues
    • A suitably trained Chief Warden is appointed
    • Trial evacuation exercises (Fire Drills) are conducted at least twice per year
    • At least one currently qualified First Aider, qualified in line with the Coach Education Framework and Accreditation Policy, is on site and accessible during all gymnastics activities.
    • A fully equipped, regularly maintained First Aid Kit is on site and accessible during all gymnastics activities
    • A working telephone either landline or mobile is on site and accessible during all gymnastics activities and emergency contact numbers are on display near the handset or another prominent place.

To assist clubs to comply with the National Standards and to help them assess and compare their current documentation, Gymnastics Australia, in partnership with State Associations, has developed a series of Affiliation Resources within their Club 10 Program. For access to these resources please contact your state Club 10 Officer.