2017 Club Affiliation Renewals

We’re excited to announce that Club Affiliation Renewals are open and online for 2017!

Affiliated Clubs now have the ability to complete their Affiliation renewals online via Gymnastics Online (GOL) except Clubs affiliated with Gymnastics Victoria, who will complete the same affiliation process as in 2016.

The new functionality aims to offer a more streamlined process for Clubs by:
eliminating the large paper based form
providing a step by step online guided process
having all available Club information auto-populated 
having the ability to review and amend some Club information
validation checks to ensure data integrity, and 
having the ability to upload documents where required

The new functionality will also provide email notification on approval by the State Association and dramatically decrease the time and effort it currently takes for clubs to renew. 

Gymnastics Australia and the State Associations will be releasing further information to clubs over the coming weeks, in the lead up to the new process, so keep your eyes peeled for further information.

Got questions? Email ausgym@gymnastics.org.au

2017 Club Affiliation

Club Affiliation refers to the process of becoming a member club of the State Association. This process occurs annually and clubs are required to comply with National Affiliation Requirements.

There are two different types of Club Affiliation:

  •          New Affiliation: this refers to new clubs affiliating with the State Association for the first time
  •          Affiliation Renewal: this refers to a currently affiliated club renewing their affiliation with the State Association

Accordingly, there are two different Club Affiliation processes that correspond with these categories.

New Clubs Affiliating

The Club Affiliation Form for new clubs is a blank document and requires all sections to be completed by the club prior to affiliation. Following is a link to each State/Territory contact to acquire a copy of the Form.

State Association Members

Existing Clubs Renewing

Club Affiliation Renewals are now completed online via Gymnastics Online (GOL), except Clubs affiliated with Gymnastics Victoria, who will complete the same affiliation process as in 2016.

The process is quick and easy as outlined below:
1. Clubs log onto GOL (http://gymnastics.org.au) using the club admin login
2. Select the link in the top right hand corner (Hi, <Your Name>)
A new My Account page will appear.
3. Select the Club Admin Home link on the left hand side of the page
On Club Administration Portal page
4. Select the Club Affiliation button on the right hand side of the page

Club Affiliation Manual and National Affiliation Requirements

Part of Club Affiliation is agreeing to National Affiliation Standards as well as the Club Affiliation Agreement. By signing the Club Affiliation Agreement the club is declaring that they currently comply with, and will continue to comply with, the National Affiliation Standards. In addition, the club is required to ensure they have read and understood the Terms and Conditions of Club Affiliation. All of this information can be found in the Affiliation Requirements  section.

To assist all clubs when completing Affiliation, Gymnastics Australia in conjunction with the State Associations have developed a Club Affiliation Manual. This manual provides valuable information relating to Club Affiliation including the Terms and Conditions of Affiliation, explanations and definitions for each Section of Affiliation and contact details.

This information can also be accessed via the 'information' buttons throughout the online affiliation process.

Should you require assistance with Club Affiliation or the National Affiliation Requirements please contact your State Club 10 Officer

Club Affiliation Resources

2017 Club Affiliation Manual
(Adobe PDF File)