Tickets for the 2017 Australian Aerobic Gymnastics Championships and National AeroSchools Competition are now on sale! 

Members (athletes, clubs, judges and coaches - plus family and friends) buy tickets here

General Public - buy tickets here.

**Booking fees apply

Frequently Asked Questions


What ticket will I need if I want to see Session 3 or Session 6 at the Australian Aerobic Gymnastics Championships?
Only a All Event Pass or a Premium Session ticket will allow you entry into Session 3 or Session 6. Premium Session tickets are single sessions only. If you want to see both Premium Sessions you will need to purchase two Premium Session tickets (one for Session 3 and one for Session 6) or an All Event Pass.

What ticket do I need to see the Aeroschools competition? 
You will need to purchase the Aeroschools ticket - this ticket will allow you entry to both days of the Aeroschools competition. 

Can I use a a multi day pass and select Aerobics National Clubs? 
No. To attend Aerobics National Clubs on September 25 you will need to purchase the National Clubs day ticket.  
What does a All Event Pass allow access to?
The All Event Pass will allow entry to all Championship sessions (including Aeroschools and Premium Sessions). It does not permit entry to the National Clubs day on September 25. 

How does the multi day pass work?
You will need to select the days that you want to come - check the schedule  to see what is on each day.