Alexandra Heap

  Alexandra Heap is the top member of the 11-16 Women's Trio from SXL alongside fellow trio members Katie Laithwaite and Francis de Asis.

 2016 was an exciting year for Alex and her trio where they finished in first place at the Australian Gymnastics Championships, as well as representing Australia at the 2016 World Age Championships where they finished in 18th place.  



Birthplace: Sydney, NSW
Five words that best describe you: Happy, nice, energetic, fun and social
Nickname: -Alex/Ally
Sporting motto: I know you're tired, i know you're physically & emotionally drained, but you have to keep going. 
Most admired sportsperson: Tara Sahagian
Favourite sports team: New York Yankees
Favourite music: Pop
Favourite movie: Divergent

General Information

Currently Studying Gordon East Public School - Year 6
Have any of your family members competed in elite sport?      Baseball
Best piece of advice received Keep trying, you'll get there one day
Superstitions or pre-competition rituals: Good luck wishes
How do you relax when you are not in the gym? Watch TV
Favourite aspect of being a gymnast? Competitions and flying through the air
Strenghts as a gymnast. Bar Work


Age began gymnastics and reason for starting: 6 years old, to have fun with my kindergarten classmates
First Club: St Ives YMCA/SXL Gymnastics
First Coach: Xi Lin Shen
Current Club: SXL Gymnastics
Current Coach: Amy Yeomans/Xi Lin Shen/Ying Qi/Nicole & Mr Yung
Trio Partners Katie Laithwaite and Frances De Asis
Favourite skill: Double front
Most difficult skill to learn: Lay-twist


Best National Performance: 2016 Australian Gymnastics Championships: 1st 11-16 Women's Trio
Best International Performance: 2016 World Age Championships, Putian China
Best Acrobatic Moment: 2016 World Age Championships, Putian China


Year Event Level Category Result
2016 Australian Gymnastics Championships 11-16 Women's Trio 1st
2015 Australian Gymnastics Championships   11-16  Women's trio  4th


Year Event Level Category Result
2017 Vegas Acro Cup, Las Vegas USA  11-16 Women's Trio  18th
2016  World Age Championships, Putian CHN  11-16 Women's Trio  18th 


World Championships: 2016 World Age Championships, Putian CHN