Emily Cuddy

Emily has been a consistent performer at the Australian Gymnastics Championships over the past 10 with her hard work paying off in 2016 claiming her maiden Gold Medal in the 12-18 Women's Trio Category. 
Internationally, Emily competed at the 2016 Flanders International Acrobatics Cup in Belgium where she finished in 10th place. She has also competed at the 2017 Maia International Acrobatics Cup where she finished in 11th place. 

Emily's gymnastic highlight to date is when she finished in 2nd place at her first Australian Gymnastics Championships in 2006.



Birthplace: East Melbourne, VIC
Five words that best describe you: Funny, honest, energetic, strong, quirky
Nickname: Em
Sporting motto: Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard 
Most admired sportsperson: Serge Sharapayeu
Favourite sports team: Collingwood Magpies
Favourite music: Chill/Pop
Favourite movie: 10 Things I Hate About You

General Information

Currently Studying Year 12 at Melbourne Girls College
Have any of your family members competed in elite sport?      No
Best piece of advice received Get comfortable with the pain
Superstitions or pre-competition rituals: Visualisation
How do you relax when you are not in the gym? Listen to music, be with friends and family
Favourite aspect of being a gymnast? The relationships within the gym and the feeling after competing knowing that your work has paid off
Strenghts as a gymnast. Strong and powerful


Age began gymnastics and reason for starting: 5 years old, after going for a fun afternoon after seeing an ad in the school newsletter. The club later phoned
to ask if I was interested in starting Acrobatics.
First Club: Whitehorse Gymnastics Club
First Coach: Szilvia Szilvagyi
Current Club: Skylark Sports
Current Coach: Serge Sharapayeu and Jasmin Meaker
Favourite skill: Scoop double layout
Most difficult skill to learn: Radocla to handstand, one and a half pike


Best National Performance: 2016 Australian Gymnastics Championships: 1st 12-18 Women's Trio
Best International Performance: Coming first in Balance in MIAC 2017
Best Acrobatic Moment: Coming 2nd at my first Nationals


Year Event Level Category Result
2016 Australian Gymnastics Championships 12-18 Women's Trio 1st
2014 Australian Gymnastics Championships  6 Women's Pair 6th
2013  Australian Gymnastics Championships 5 Women's Trio 5th 
2011  Australian Gymnastics Championships  8 Women's Trio  2nd 
2010  Australian Gymnastics Championships 7 Women's Trio 4th
2008   Australian Gymnastics Championships  6 Women's Pair  2nd  
2007  Australian Gymnastics Championships 5 Mixed Pair 2nd
2006  Australian Gymnastics Championships  4 Mixed Pair 2nd 


Year Event Level Category Result
2017 Maia Internatiional Acrobatics Cup PRT  12-18 Women's Trio  11th
2016 Flanders International Acrobatics Cup BEL  12-18 Women's Trio  10th 


World Championships: -