Zoe Ormrod


Ormrod has benefitted from training alongside multiple National champion Danni Prince, recording numerous top five finishes in National competition, as well as posting excellent results internationally. 

Ormrod’s best performance on an international scale was the 2013 Danube Cup in Slovakia, where she recorded two fifth places with Ball and Ribbon, and a fourth with the Clubs. Overall, she finished 13th in the All-Apparatus final. She has also recorded top 20 finishes in the 2011 Montreal World Cup, 2011 Koop Cup and 2013 Kalamata Cup.

Nationally, Ormrod’s best season to date was in 2013, when she finished third in Ball, Clubs and Ribbon, and fourth in the All-Apparatus final. 

Zoe trains at Premier Gymnastics with coach Gina Peluso, alongside Australian Team member, Danielle Prince.


Birthplace: Brisbane, QLD
Occupation: Student - studying dietetics at Queens University of Technology 
Best piece of advice ever received: Just do it!
Sporting motto: Everything you've ever wanted is just outside of your comfort zone
Most admired sportsperson: Ahhhh… can I only choose one? There are so many athletes in their respective sports that I find both motivating and inspirational
Have any of your family members been elite athletes? Yes, my younger brother Charlie is a swimmer and competes at a National level
Favourite music: Anything on the radio
Favourite movie: I love going to the movies with friends or finishing a good book when I have some free time
Most difficult skill to learn: Consistency
Strengths as a gymnast: Perseverance


Age began gymnastics and reason for starting: 4, I thought it looked like fun
First Club: QRGA
First Coach: Meryl and Phoebe Papas
Current Club: Moreton Bay College Gymnastics
Current Coach: Gina Peluso and Iuliia Iakovleva
Best apparatus: Clubs
Favourite skill: -
Most difficult skill to learn: -


Best National Performance: 2013 Australian Championships
Best International Performance: 2013 Danube Cup
Best Gymnastic Moment: -


Year Jnr/Snr Team AA Rope Hoop Ball Clubs Ribbon
2016 Senior 1st 6th - - 6th 6th 3rd
2015 Senior - Did not compete - - - - - - -
2014 Senior 1st 6th - 4th 7th - 5th
2013 Senior 1st 4th - - 3rd 3rd 3rd
2012 Senior 2nd 6th - 5th 3rd - 5th
2011 Junior - 1st - 1st 5th 3rd 3rd
2010 Junior - 11th - - - - -
2009 Junior - 18th - - - - -
2008 Stage 4 - 14th - - - - -


Year Event Team AA Rope Hoop Ball Clubs Ribbon
2013 Kalamata Cup, GRC - 16th - - - - -
2013 Danube Cup, SLO - 13th - - 5th  4th 5th
2011 Koop Cup, Canada - 13th - - - - -
2011 Montreal World Cup, CAN - 12th - - - - -
2011 National Championships, NZ - 7th - 3rd 6th 3rd 6th


Commonwealth Games  -
World Championships  - 
Olympic Games  -