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KinderGym is a program designed to assist coaches and teachers in delivering challenging, fun and above all, safe learning experiences to children 5 years-old and under.  Through KinderGym, children are given the opportunity through play with their caregiver to explore and develop their physical, social, emotional and cognitive potential.

Using the LaunchPad Lesson Plans and Activity Cards ensures that your classes will be fun and easy to deliver... all while teaching children how to move and move well!

To learn more about the LaunchPad resources, visit the LaunchPad website.

LaunchPad KinderGym


KinderGym 8 weeks of Lesson Plans & Activity Cards– Set One

$45 (Member)
$55 (LaunchPad Certified Teacher)
$70 (Non-Member)


KinderGym 8 weeks of Lesson Plans & Activity Cards– Set Two

$45 (Member)
$55 (LaunchPad Certified Teacher)
$70 (Non-Member)

Kinder GymMix

Compliments theLaunchPad KinderGym Lesson Plans & Activity Cards. A 181 page manual which includes thorough information on stages of planning, equipment and dominant movement patterns.



$65.95 (Member)
$75.95 (LaunchPad Certified Teacher)
$95.95 (Non-Member)


KinderGym Brochure

$0.20 per brochure


GymFun & GymSkills

GymFun is the second of the three sequential programs within LaunchPad and is specifically designed for children aged between 5 - 8 years old. It focuses on the fundamental movement patterns that will help kids to progress into more advanced skills or activities. Just like KinderGym, the games and activities in GymFun are safe and encourage kids to work with others, cooperate and build self-esteem.

GymSkills is the third program within LaunchPad and is specifically designed for children aged between 8 - 12 years old.

After being involved in GymSkills, children will have had the opportunity to increase their confidence and competence in movement; preparing them for a wide range of other sports and activities.

To learn more about the LaunchPad resources, visit the LaunchPad website.

LaunchPad GymFun & GymSkills


LaunchPad GymFun & GymSkills Lesson Plans – Set One

$45 (Member)
$60 (LaunchPad Certified Teacher)
$75 (Non-Member)


LaunchPad GymFun and GymSkills Lesson Plans – Set Two

$45 (Member)
$60 (LaunchPad Certified Teacher)
$75 (Non-Member)


LaunchPad GymFun and GymSkills Lesson Plans – Set Three

$45 (Member)
$60 (LaunchPad Certified Teacher)
$75 (Non-Member)

FreeG Kids

Designed to capture the excitement and fast pace of Ninja Warrior, the LaunchPad FreeG Kids program is now available for clubs and schools.

FreeG is a term used to describe a new and rapidly developing activity which encourages participants to use traditional gymnastics equipment in new ways. It draws on influences from martial arts, free-running, parkour, tricking and breakdance. The FreeG Kids program introduces participants to key concepts and basic skills. The 8 sessions are structured using a wide variety of ‘Warrior Circuit’ activities to keep children active and engaged. As with all LaunchPad Gymnastics programs, FreeG Kids sessions focus on teaching children fundamental movement skills using fun and engaging sequential activities that build on the existing skills and knowledge of each participant.

Children are given opportunities to develop their ability to combine elements of effort, space and time when performing movement sequences with and without equipment.  They will discuss and demonstrate different movement pathways and flow when solving movement challenges.

To learn more about FreeG and FreeG Kids, visit the FreeG website .


LaunchPad FreeG Kids


FreeG Kids Lesson Plans and Activity Cards

$45 (Member)
$60 (LaunchPad Certified Teacher)
$75 (Non Member)


GymMix is a coaching and teaching resource for coaches, clubs and schools developed by Gymnastics Australia for use in Gymnastics for All or Recreation Programs. The resource:

- includes a manual covering the basics of coaching gymnastics which introduces the fundamentals of gymnastics using a challenging, enjoyable and safe approach.
- is a sequential levels program for participants of all abilities involved in: Gymnastics for All (GfA) or recreational gymnastics programs with fundamental movement relative to all sports. Part A offers Levels 1-3 of GfA Australian Levels Program, Part B follows with Levels 4 – 6, Part C is still in production with Levels 7 - 10
- offers a fusion of all Gymsports: Artistic Gymnastics combined with Rhythmic, Acrobatic, Aerobic, Trampoline, Cheerleading and Display Gymnastics
- gives ideas on how to teach skills safely whilst having fun by providing a fundamental, sequential gymnastics program. It is an update and combination of Gymnastics Australia’s “Introductory Gymnastics” with the “Gymfun” and “Gymskills” manuals.

GymMix Series A (GfA National Levels Program Levels 1-3):
- A set of three posters, sticker samples, sample Participant Record Booklet and sample Certificates) and CD-ROM
- GymMix Program – an introduction to the teaching of gymnastics activities
- GymMix Activity Cards
- Coaching Tips
- GfA National Levels Program Levels 1-3
- Lesson Plans - Generic, Cheer, Aerobics, Hand Apparatus
- Templates – certificates, assessment and participant records, DIY circuit cards

GymMix Series B (GfA National Levels Program Levels 4-6):
- GymMix Program – Tips on creating displays
- Lesson Plans - Trampoline
- Templates – certificates, assessment and participant records


Compliments LaunchPad GymFun and GymSkills Lesson Plans & Activity Cards. The resource includes a CD Rom (containing 786 pages of content including; Understanding the Physical Abilities, dominant movement patterns, stretches and fundamental principles. The Kit also includes collateral samples such as a record book, stickers and posters.


GymMix Kit (Series A – Level 1-3)

(CD Rom & collateral samples)

$100.00(Member Price)
$150.00 (Non-Member Price)


GymMix Kit (Series B – Level 4-6)

(CD Rom & collateral samples)

$44.00 (Member Price)
$99.00 (Non-Member Price)


GymMix Participants Booklets Series A

(Set of 10) Level 1-3



GymMix Participants Booklets Series B

(Set of 10) Level 4-6



GymMix Sticker Set (Set of 10)



GymMix Certificate Set - Level 1 (Set of 10)



GymMix Certificate Set - Level2 (Set of 10)



GymMix Certificate Set - Level3 (Set of 10)



GymMix Certificate Set - Level4 (Set of 10)



GymMix Certificate Set - Level5 (Set of 10)



GymMix Certificate Set - Level6 (Set of 10)



GymMix Certificate Set - Recog. (Set of 10)



GymMix Poster Set (Set of 3)



GymAbility GymMix

GymAbility GymMix is a resource for clubs and schools to assist in the inclusion of participants with disabilities in fun and safe movement-based programs.  The GymAbility GymMix resource includes information on physical activity (motor skills, physical abilities and dominant movement patterns), lesson ideas and tips, equipment considerations, inclusion models and templates for participant readiness forms and certificates.

GymAbility GymMix





LaunchPad Equipment

1 x Bean Bag


1 x Elastic


1 x Ribbon


  Kit (8 x bean bags, 8 x ribbons, 4 x elastics)

1 x Ribbon