Women's Artistic Gymnastics Coaching Resources





  WAG Australian Levels Program Manual (Printed and Bound)

Please note: The WAG ALP has been updated for 2017 and beyond. The updated manual is available online, complimentary to members and available printed and bound.

Member $60.00

Non-member $90.00



  WAG Australian Levels Program DVD

   Please note: The WAG ALP has been updated for 2017 and beyond and is now available.

Member $30.00

Non-member $50.00



  WAG Australian Levels Program Audio CD

   Please note: The 2017 and Beyond CD is now available. The music for National Levels has not changed. There are two new pieces of music for the International Levels.

Member $20.00

Non-member $30.00



  WAG Australian Levels Program kit

   (This kit includes the Manual, DVD and Audio CD)

   Please note: 
The WAG ALP has been updated for 2017 and beyond. 

Member $90.00

Non-member $140.00



   Women's National Physical Testing Program (NPTP) (Version 1.2, 2013)




   This resource is currently being updated. The new release will be available by the end of July 2017.

   The aim of the National Physical Testing Program (NPTP) is to provide support for the National Development Program (NDP) Level 1–6 and the National Levels Program (NLP) Level 7 – 10 in the form of a graded assessment structure to monitor the strength     and flexibility development of gymnasts relative to their skill and competition level.

   This program will allow coaches to monitor the progress and development of the physical preparation of their gymnasts to ensure this mirrors the needs of the gymnasts’ developmental level.

   The testing elements and structure requires minimal equipment and is divided into 3 testing divisions (Levels 1-3, 4-6 & 7- 10). Included in the program are:

  • Score program for each test

  • Testing sheets

  • Certificates




   Core Stability CD-ROM