WAG Open Camp, AIS, August 19-22, 2015 - Camp summary & video

The Gymnastics Australia WAG Open Camp was held recently in Canberra at the Australian Institute of Sport. Attending the Open Camp were 40 gymnasts and 21 coaches from 16 clubs from around the country. 

Click here for the Open Camp highlights video

The clinic was led by National Pathways Coordinator - Bree Bryant.  Assisting were experienced coaches:

  • WAG National Coach – Peggy Liddick
  • GA National Pathways Manger – Jo Richards
  • GA WAG High Performance Program Manager - Liz Chetkovich
  • Artistic preparation specialist & WAIS coach - Stacey Umeh
  • Special guest Olympian, coach and mentor – Ashleigh Brennan


The Open Camp is a talent pathways initiative sponsored by the Spin to Win project, with the focus of the camp being a unique high performance training experience for gymnasts, with 17 hours of training over 6 sessions for WAG gymnast who are ALP level 7 and above. The Open Camp also shared information about exciting pathways initiatives including our IDEAL skills, Virtual assessment tool, the Spin to win project and talent transfer and identification opportunities.

In between training sessions the girls utilized the hot and cold spa at the AIS recovery centre, learnt how to do self-massage, participated in athlete and coach workshops, enjoyed knowledgeable presentation from Peggy Liddick and dual Olympian Ashleigh Brennan.


During the camp all girls participated in the Physical Testing.  Congratulations to the following girls who excelled to be named the best physically prepared gymnasts for each group:

  • Level 9+: 1st Sophie Stuart (Manly Warringah Gymnastics Club), 2nd Chantae Toner (Sydney West Gymsports), 3rd Hannah Triantafillis (Balance Gymnastics)
  • Level 8:   1st Tessa Manukonga (Sydney West Gymsports), 2nd Lucy Owen (Carmel & Co Gymnastics), 3rd Samantha Pearson (Allstar Gymnastics Academy) & Breanna Regan (Allstar Gymnastics Academy)
  • Level 7:   1st Emma Morris (Vital Gymnastics), 2nd Rebecca Rainey (Woden Valley Gymnastics Club), 3rd Deahna Simos (Australian Academy of Gymnastics)

The overall physical test champion was Sophie Stuart (Manly Warringah Gymnastics Club)!


Our physical test champions (L-R) Sophie Stuart, Tessa Manukonga, Ashleigh Brennan and Emma Morris.

Well done to the following girls who excelled in the individual tests:

  • Hannah Triantafillis (Balance Gymnastics) completed 10 press to handstand on the beam with perfect form!
  • Overall champion Sophie Stuart (Manly Warringah Gymnastics Club) also won the chin-ups, performing an amazing 21 in 30 seconds and completed 41 V-snaps in 30 seconds!
  • Naomi Lee (Woden Valley Gymnastics Club) performed 24 leg lifts in 30 seconds
  • Jaid Otrupcek (Sydney West Gymsports) performed 39 push ups in 30 seconds
  • We capped the handstand hold to 60 seconds, the following girls reached the 60 second maximum: Desnee Richter, Koko Kawaura, Sophie Stuart and Isabelle Cameron (Manly Warringah Gymnastics Club), Jaid Otrupcek and Tessa Manukonga (Sydney West Gymsports), Nadine Araujo (Sydney Gymnastics Centre ), Hannah Triantafillis (Balance Gymnastics) and  Emma Morris (Vital Gymnastics)
  • Rebecca Rainey (Woden Valley Gymnastics Club) jumped 65cm longer than her standing height in the standing broad jump
  • Desnee Richter and Sophie Stuart (Manly Warringah Gymnastics Club) climbed up the rope the fastest in 6.9 seconds
  • The flexibility test, including bridge, side splits, front splits right and left legs, was a tie with 2 girls scoring 24 out of 25 points: Chantae Toner (Sydney West Gymsports) and Emma Morris (Vital Gymnastics)
  • Naomi Lee (Woden Valley Gymnastics Club) and Emma Morris (Vital Gymnastics) both performed 9 cast to handstands in a row on the bars

About Spin to Win

Another objective of the Open Camp was to let the Australia Levels Program community know what the GA High Performance team and more specifically the Talent Pathways team are doing in the area of Talent Identification and Talent Transfer.

The Spin to Win project is focused these two major areas: Talent ID - identify talented young athletes at the initial stages of the development pathway and guide them towards quality programs & Talent Transfer - identify gymnasts who are leaving (or have recently left) the sport, and present the opportunities to them about other gymsports, as well as diving and aerial skiing.

Clubs are an important part of the process in identifying talent, as often they are the first to identify the talent. We want every gymnast to reach their full potential, therefore we hope that gymnastics clubs will contact Bree the National Pathways Coordinator if there is a gymnast at their gym who has potential for High Performance gymnastics or has potential for another sport, so Gymnastics Australia can help guide that gymnast reach their full potential.

Our goal with the Gymnastics Australia Spin to Win project is aiming for as many Gymnastics Australia member gymnasts as possible to have the opportunity to be assessed for high performance potential.

For further information please contact National Pathways Coordinator – Spin to Win: Bree Bryant (bbryant@gymnastics.org.au)