Who are our next Sporting Champions?

Could it be you?

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Who do you recognise? 

Matthew Mitcham: Trampoline athlete who went on to win a Olympic Gold Medal in 2008 in Diving
Alisa Camplin and Lydia Lassila: both National Levels WAG gymnasts, who went on to win Aerial Skiing Gold Medals in 2002 and 2010 Olympics respectively 
Sally Pearson: WAG gymnast, went on to win an Athletics Olympic Gold Medal in 2012
Cory Gregson: a National Level MAG gymnast, drafted to the AFL in 2014 and a NAB rising star nominee in 2015

For a list of other ex-gymnasts and their notable sporting achievements - including 33 Olympians and 12 Olympic medallists - please click on the PDF below.

If we are missing someone on this list – please get in touch with us!

Don’t stop doing sport after retiring as a gymnast. You can be winding down your training and still enjoy gymnastics whilst taking up a new sport, or get involved in coaching or judging.

As an athlete from any gymsport, you are within the ‘nursery of all sports’ and your skills transfer well to other gymsports and other sports. The great news is you don’t have to be competing at the highest level of your gymsport to cross over to a new sport!

In the article, Trapped in the Wrong Body: Recycling Talent in Elite Sport, Juanita Weissensteiner, the Acting Head of Athlete Pathways and Development at the AIS, calls it “talent recycling” and encourages athletes to “sample various sports to develop a holistic physical literacy”, highlighting the fact that it also ensures “doors remain open should the opportunity to transfer arise”. Gymnastics has so much variety – you are ready for anything! 

We encourage all of our current athletes to strive to be champions in gymnastics, as well as supporting athletes transferring to other sports.  

Our aim within Men’s and Women’s Artistic gymnastics is to assess as many as possible current Gymnastic Australia members who have the desire to be a champion. Then, if talent is identified, provide them a pathway at their own club or perhaps an opportunity to train within a recognised High Performance centre or program. We know there are gymnasts out there who want to be a champion and who have the attributes, who have not yet been talent identified!  

If you are interested in becoming a champion, contact us today for information and Talent ID dates for Gymnastics, Diving and Aerial Skiing! 

Fill out the Spin to Win - email list  form to be kept up to date on Spin to Win talent search initiatives in your state.

Clubs: We have resources available to assist you in identifying talent within your club. Visit our website, and if you would like your gymnasts’ to be talent assessed, please contact us to arrange it. We can also give you direction for developing your own talent within our Team Future program

Athletes: Did you know we have High Performance Centres and programs around Australia, constantly looking for our next Champion? If you are interested in attending a Talent ID day, you can ask your club or contact us. Check out the list of high performance program and pathway clubs.

Parents: You are the major drivers and supporters in an athlete's development; check this website out from the AIS, for some top tips to support your child in becoming a champion!

Gymnastics Australia (GA) is supported by the Federal Government's Australian Institute of Sport Competitive Innovation Fund. ‘Spin to Win’ is a collaborative project led by GA in partnership with Diving Australia, Ski & Snowboard Australia and the Olympic Winter Institute of Australia that aims to build a successful and sustainable national system of talent identification, development and transfer to maximise podium performances at world championships and Olympic Games in each sport in the future.

For more information regarding talent identification, talent transfer or the 'Spin to Win' project, please contact our National Pathways Coordinator – Spin to Win, Rachel Johnson at [email protected]