RG Team Future Camp 2017

From June 26 to 29, the Australian Institute of Sport hosted the 2017 Rhythmic Gymnastics (RG) Team Future Camp.

Thirty-three athletes and 11 coaches from throughout Australia worked with our Master Coaches to improve their knowledge of music and movement to music, new styles of dance, education on good technique especially with leaps and Ribbon as well as the importance of quality practice with focus on balance and coordination.

The coaches had workshops on effective communication, mental skills for coaches, as well as the new FIG Code of Points. It was wonderful to have a group of coaches that got involved in all the sessions and shared experiences and ideas with one another.

During the camp, physical and accuracy testing of the athletes was conducted. The testing reflected fundamentals and skills that are important for high performance in Rhythmic Gymnastics, such as flexibility, strength, muscle endurance, power and throwing and catching accuracy. Awards were given to the Top 5 overall athletes of the camp. Congratulations to:

1. Rachel Budiman (NSW)
2. Isabella Wang (NSW) and Ali Mayes (ACT)
3. Sophie Burke (NSW)
4. Emmauela Frokou (NSW) and Francesca Poi (VIC)
5. Georgia Conway (NSW)

A big thankyou to The Master Coaches at the camp Valeria Vatkina, Lisa Bradley and Stacey Umeh. I’m sure both athletes and coaches learnt so much from spending a few days with these knowledgeable women.

Lastly, RG Team Future High Achievers were announced for the first time (see picture below!) High Achievers earn their status either through excellence in competition and/or skills testing. Congratulations to the athletes and coaches on this recognition.

The next RG Team Future camp is scheduled for the same time next year.