TRP Trans Tasman Tour

Congratulation to our Aussie Trampoline team that have done a sensational job at the New Zealand Trampoline Championships, in Christchurch, last month.  The results for our teams are as follows:

Men’s Junior International Trampoline
Matthew French – 3rd
Kai Torsvik – 10th 

Men’s Sub Junior International Trampoline
Luke Woosnam – 3rd

Men’s Junior International Double-Mini Trampoline
Benjamin Carroll – 1st
Kai Torsvik – 2nd
Raffael Wullschleger – 8th 

Men’s Sub-Junior International Double-Mini Trampoline
Flynn Caro – 3rd

Women’s Junior International Trampoline
Jessica Pickering – 1st 
Isabelle Hayward – 2nd
Sarah Jones – 10th 

Women’s Sub-Junior International Trampoline
Amber French – 1st 
Mackenzie Jones – 6th 
Lia Sterns – 7th 
Charlotte Johnstone – 12th 

Women’s Junior International Double-Mini Trampoline
Isabelle Hayward – 2nd 

Women’s Sub-Junior International Double-Mini Trampoline
Amber French – 1st
Lia Sterns –2nd  
Xanthe Kakaras – 4th 
Charlotte Johnstone – 8th 

Men’s Junior International Synchronised Trampoline
Kai Torsvik and Matthew French – 1st

Women’s Junior International Synchronised Trampoline
Sarah Jones and Jessica Pickering – 2nd

Women’s Sub-Junior International Synchronised Trampoline
Charlotte Johnstone and Lia Sterns – 2nd 
Amber French and Mackenzie Jones – 7th 

Trans Tasman Challenge
Men’s Double Mini – 2nd
Women’s Double Mini Sub-Junior – 2nd
Men’s Trampoline – 2nd
Women’s Trampoline 2nd 

Congratulations to the Trans Tasman team for their awesome results at the New Zealand Trampoline Championships.