Seeking Commission Nominations

As the 2014-2017 National Technical Commission (NTC) cycle draws to a close, we are now seeking nominations for the 2018-2021 National Technical Commissions.

The nominations for all Gymsport NTC positions are hereby called for from Gymnastics Australia’s Chief Executive Officer, Mark Rendell. 

Our Gymsport National Commissions; GfA, MAG, WAG, RG, TRP, AER and ACR comprise of; 
A Technical Director
A Judging Coordinator (excluding GfA)
Up to four General Members (Project Coordinators) 
Plus a GA staff member (ex-officio, non-voting) 

Nomination and Selection Process

Interested nominees should:

1. Read the relevant information pertaining to the NTC’s:  
a. By-Law 6 - Gymsport Technical Commissions
b. Part A - GymSport Technical Commission - Commission Governance 
c. Part B - Technical Regulations (specific to each Gymsport) 
d. Gymsport NTC Nomination Pack

2. Seek thorough understanding of what is involved in being a NTC member; consider corresponding with current and/or past members, other people in the GymSport community or any Gymnastics Australia staff member.

3. Complete a nomination form for each position nominating for. 

4. Email the nomination form with a relevent CV, responding to the selection criteria, to Allyse Taylor - Sport Programs Manager (e), accepting nominations on behalf of the CEO, by 8:00am Friday 24 November 2017, with the subject line ‘National Commission Nomination’. Applications will remain confidential.  

Nominations will be shortlisted and consultation with relevant Association Members regarding the nominees will occur and presented to the GA Board for endorsement. Then, nominees will be notified shortly after of their selection/non-selection.

Nominations for positions must be received by 8:00am, Friday 24 November 2017.
Gymsport NTC Nomination Pack
(Adobe PDF File)
Gymsport NTC Nomination Form
(Microsoft Word Document)