Off-Season Physical Preparation & Progression Programming

Relevant to: Coaches, Intermediate and above

Now that we’re in competition off season, coaches can look at successful progression training in development programs. You can narrow this down to the basic preparation, including physical preparation, rebound and ballet/dance that is critical to the progression. 

Physical preparation includes five key physical abilities: strength, power, speed, local muscular endurance and flexibility. Effective strength training programs use a wide range of exercises to enhance the athlete’s ability without injury and will improve competition performances. 

Many of the exercises included in a physical preparation program will develop a number of key physical abilities, so the same exercise can be utilised to build one or more abilities. 

Focus on rebound drills and progressions using trampoline or spring devices to enable the athlete to improve technique without power. This is particularly important in developing spatial awareness and orientation for athletes. 

Dance and ballet training develops posture and body awareness training, lower body technique and aesthetic presentation skills. 

Not sure where to begin? Take a look at this webinar on designing an effective and measurable physical preparation program for your athletes. It outlines the theory behind designing strength programs and provides you with support material to assist in completing the physical preparation task as part of the Advanced Coaching Principles Course.