Athlete Registrations & Renewals

Need to start registering and renewing Athletes in 2018?  Here is a handy list of links to help you get started:

Have a look at our Athlete Registrations flowchart to help you pick a method.

There are 4 main ways you can register/renew Athletes in Gymnastics Online:
Club Import which allows you to register and renew athletes in bulk.  Please note that this method does not transfer athletes or create multi-club athletes automatically.
- Bulk Renew which allows you to renew existing athletes in bulk
- Add or Transfer an Athlete form which has a wizard which checks if the athlete already exists in your club to renew individually, checks if the athlete is at another club to request a transfer or if a completely new athlete creates a new record.
- Multi-Club Athlete form to set up multi-club athletes.

Please ensure that your athletes are in the correct Athlete Codes for 2018 (Gymsports and Levels) and are following the Athlete Code rules for current athletes.  We recommend using the Bulk Renew method to check and update Athlete Codes.

Currently athlete transfer requests are being emailed to the main Club email account.  To manage your Club’s incoming and outgoing athlete transfers, please go to Club Admin Home > Transfer Lists tab.

To check your Club’s current registered athletes in 2018, please go to Club Admin Home > Reports and use the Current Year Athletes excluding Gymsport Report.

To check your Club’s athlete codes for current registered athletes in 2018, please go to Club Admin Home > Reports and use the Current Year Athletes including Gymsport Report.  Please note that athletes will be listed multiple times if they have more than one athlete code registered and will be missing from the list if they have no athlete codes.

Please remember to check the Bad Data tab in the Club Admin Portal to ensure that any missing or incorrect athlete information gets fixed.

We have a number of duplicate records in the national gymnastics database, so please take care that your Club do not renew an athlete more than once for 2018 and submit a support request to let us know if you come across any duplicate records which need to be merge.

For any queries, please get in touch with us at support.