2017 Gymnastics IN Australia Statistics

Gymnastics Australia would like to thank all Clubs who kept their Athlete Registrations and Athlete Codes up to date in the Club Admin Portal in 2017, and also followed up on correcting any bad data.

It has helped us to produce some detailed statistics about Gymnastics IN Australia in 2017.

Here are some key facts:

o There were 612 Clubs affiliated in 2017
o We had 8% growth in the number of affiliated Clubs from 2016 to 2017
o Most Gymnastics Clubs are either Incorporated Associations (36%), Companies (23%) or Sole Traders (13%)

o There were 220,245 Athletes registered in 2017
o We had a national athlete growth rate of 11% compared from 2016 to 2017
o Most athletes are 12 years and under (91%)
o The average age of our athletes is 8 years old
o Our athletes are 78% female and 22% male
o Most popular Gymsports for Athletes are:
- Gymnastics for All (59% athletes)
- Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (17% athletes)
- KinderGym (17%)

Technical Members
o There were 6,727 Coaches registered in 2017
o There were 2,571 Judges registered in 2017
o The largest amount of current accreditations one technical member has is 11!
o The average age of our coaches and judges is 28 years
o The gender split of our coaches and judges  is 78% female and 20% male
o Most popular gymsport for our coaches and judges to get accreditation on is WAG (32% of coaches and 49% judges)