Georgia-Rose Brown proud to inspire the next generation

As one of the world’s tallest gymnasts ever to compete, Georgia-Rose Brown has continued to remain at the highest level in the Women’s Artistic Gymnastics program. 

 “Gymnastics has evolved in numerous ways,” Brown said.

“The longevity of the sport has increased significantly, meaning gymnasts like myself have been able to continue on and still be competitive through many cycles.  

 “The skill level of the sport has also changed and increased. There is more of an emphasis on artistry and execution, as well as difficulty of course.”

 There are moments in a career that athletes will never forget and for Brown, she remembers the two moments that stand out to her the most.

“My first selection into the World Championship team in 2011 was an amazing experience because we finished in the top eight which meant we qualified a team to the 2012 Olympic Games in London," Brown said.

“The second was competing at the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast last year. 

“I went on to better my performance from the 2014 Commonwealth Games and I was able to do so in front of my family and a home crowd. 

“The atmosphere when I was competing was incredible and is something I will remember forever.”

To be able to wear the green and gold is a special achievement, and for Brown nothing compares to the feeling.

“In sport, I believe there is no better feeling and honour than representing your country. 

“Yes, I have had many downfalls, but these downfalls have made the victories even sweeter, no matter how big or small.

“To be able to make my country, my club and my family proud is something I will always cherish.”

Since 2011, Brown has been an important member of the WAG National Squad with years of international experience under her belt giving her the confidence to succeed in competition.

More recently, Brown found herself on World Cup podiums in Melbourne and Doha, with her routines on the Uneven Bars adding two Bronze medals to her name in 2019.

After being involved within the WAG program for a number of years now, Brown speaks of the importance of being a role model for the next generation of gymnasts.

“I have always been proud to be a part of the WAG program and to contribute to my sport,” Brown said.

“Gymnastics has not only provided me with so many incredible opportunities to represent my country alongside the best athletes in the world, it has also given me the chance to inspire the next generation of budding gymnasts. 

“For gymnastics to continue to develop, it’s important for us to set the standard and show the next generation just how far gymnastics can take you.”