Expression of Interest - Integrity Committee Athlete Representative

In August 2020, Gymnastics Australia commissioned the Australian Human Rights Commission to undertake an independent review into the culture and practices of gymnastics in Australia, in response to reports from the gymnastics community of unacceptable experiences.

The Report, released in May 2021, identified systemic issues that affected athletes experience and wellbeing at all levels of the sport including a focus on ‘winning-at-all-costs’, silencing of the athlete voice, an unhealthy focus on the ‘ideal body’ particularly for young female athletes, and an acceptance of archaic and authoritarian coaching practises.

One of the key themes identified throughout the Report was the importance of the athlete voice and, in more general terms, athlete empowerment.

In our commitment to implement to all 12 recommendations in the report, Gymnastics Australia is now calling for expressions of interest for an Athlete Representative to sit on the Integrity Committee; the committee established to provide oversight of the implementation of the recommendations.

The Athlete Representative will assist the Integrity Committee in their decision-making process and act as an ambassador for all athletes.

They will support Gymnastics Australia’s overall mission to promote the sport and update the gymnastics community on activities from an informed-position.

Expressions of Interest close 14 June. Apply now

Objectives of the Integrity Committee

The role of the Integrity Committee is to assist the Gymnastics Australia Board in fulfilling its responsibilities relating to the issues of ethics and integrity within the sport of gymnastics in Australia.

This includes assisting the Gymnastics Australia Board on integrity matters and compliance relating to:

  1. Policy, education and reporting requirements in relation to anti match-fixing and anti-doping processes and anti-illicit drugs and protective measures for the probity of the sport and the athletes;
  2. Gymnastics Australia’s Member Protection and Child Safe Policies and related matters;
  3. Other matters affecting the integrity of Gymnastics Australia, including the probity of stakeholders associated with Gymnastics Australia and the ethical behaviours and culture of gymnastics in Australia; and,
  4. The implementation of the AHRC recommendations.

Selection Criteria

The ideal applicant will be:

  1. A current or past athlete,
  2. At least 18 years of age,
  3. Able to obtain and maintain a valid Working With Children Check (or equivalent),
  4. Able to demonstrate a sound understanding of the gymnastics community and an ability to interact with current and former athletes and other stakeholders,
  5. Able to contribute effectively with an understanding of governance frameworks, and
  6. Able to understand and contribute to the broader gymnastics landscape.