Play it Fair Online 

Gymnastics Australia joins other sporting organisation in a show of commitment to stamp out online abuse

In a show of support to manage the risk of abuse in sport, Gymnastics Australia has joined forces with the eSafety Commissioner and a number of Australia’s other major sporting organisations to address online abuse, including racism, sexism, and homophobia, targeted at athletes.

At a roundtable meeting of the eSafety Commission and 24 sporting organisations held this week, all present signed an Online Safety Statement of Commitment in response to athletes and staff across all sporting codes being increasingly subjected to high levels of serious online abuse.

Gymnastics Australia CEO, Kitty Chiller AM said the organisation is proud to join the campaign that looks to tackle serious online abuse targeted at athletes.

“Online abuse has become a serious issue in sport. It is important that we make sure we have the right support around our athletes so they can continue to be great role models in our community but also, that they are also protected from what they are often subjected to online,” said Ms Chiller.

“We are committed to managing the risk of online abuse in our sport and we will work with the eSafety Commissioner to implement policies and processes to protect our athletes and staff and encourage them to report online abuse.”

eSafety Commissioner Ms Inman Grant said athletes are already under a tremendous amount of pressure to be at the top of their game. To then have to deal with serious and harmful online abuse can have devastating impacts on a person’s wellbeing and their sense of safety.

“Serious and harmful online abuse compounds the daily racism, misogyny and homophobia many athletes already face and can have devastating impacts on their wellbeing.”

“I commend Gymnastics Australia in coming together to work with eSafety to manage and minimise the risk of online abuse in sport. We all need to work together, in athletic pursuits and online, to tackle these issues,” said Ms Inman Grant.

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