National Coaching Pathway

Participation Coach or Performance Coach? The choice is yours, there’s a pathway for everyone!

The National Coaching Pathway provides the Coach with a clear pathway to achieve the accreditation they need through targeted learning. Are you taking athletes to competition? Join the Performance Pathway and gain the knowledge you need to prepare them. Working in the Recreational space? Take the Participation Pathway and grow your coaching skills as your athletes progress.

Participation vs. Performance – what’s the difference?

Participation Pathway

The Participation Pathway is perfect for an Intermediate Coach teaching recreational gymnastics who wants to start teaching somersaults and other tumbling skills. It’s also the pathway for a Gymnastics for All Coach to gain an Advanced Accreditation. The Participation Pathway gives you the tools you need to safely and competently teach Advanced level skills in a recreational setting.

What’s involved?

  1. Online Participation Module* – 3 to 4 hours
  2. Spotting Log Book – 5 to 10 hours
  3. Advanced Tumbling and Spring Face to Face Module – 4.5 hours

From here it’s really easy to gain an Advanced GfA Accreditation! In addition to the above, you need to complete:

  1. A second Intermediate Accreditation in a different Gymsport (GfA plus one other)
  2. A planning assessment task
  3. First Aid Course

*Already completed the Online Advanced Coaching Principles Course? Then there’s no need to complete the Online Participation Module!

Is this the pathway for me?

A coach on the Participation Pathway is predominantly a recreational coach. They might use mini trampoline as a teaching aid, they could teach forward and backward somersaults, handsprings and layouts, they could even work with vault. They are able to coach at selected competitions too – get in touch with your local State Association to find out what levels you could coach at competition.

A Participation Coach can continue on the pathway to achieve an Advanced GfA Accreditation allowing them to teach a greater breadth of skills, or they could move into the Performance Pathway if they want to extend their coaching skills.

Performance Pathway

Take your athletes to the next level! The Advanced Accreditation is for the developing Performance Coach, and will teach you all the skills you need to develop physical abilities, plan and prepare for competition season, understand biomechanical principles as they relate to gymnastics and so much more, The Advanced Course prepares you for a coaching career in gymnastics and teaches you lifelong skills.

What’s involved?

  1. Online Advanced Coaching Principles Course – 10 to 15 hours
    1. Junior Coach Project
    2. Spotting Log Book
    3. Physical Preparation Project
    4. Self-analysis Project
    5. Annual and Seasonal Plan
  2. Online Advanced Gymsport Coaching Course - 4 to 10 hours
    1. Skills Analysis Project
  3. First Aid Course
  4. Advanced Face to Face Course Modules 1#, 2, 3 and 4 – 2 days

#The coursework can be completed in the above order, or Module 1 – the Advanced Tumbling and Spring Face to Face Module – can be completed earlier if desired (doesn’t apply to RG and AER). The prerequisites to attend Module 1 earlier are the Online Advanced Coaching Principles Course and the Spotting Log Book.

Is this the pathway for me?

As a Performance Coach with an Advanced or higher accreditation, you’ll be working in the competitive space, preparing your athletes for competition, teaching high-level skills with greater complexity across all Gymsport apparatus.

You’ll have a strong foundation of learning that will enable you to develop physical preparation programs, design planning that caters to athlete needs, and understand Advanced skills with a high level of technical and biomechanical knowledge.

An Advanced Performance Coach is perfectly positioned to develop physical abilities in their gymnasts, prepare them for competition season and take them to the next level.

More information

Click here to read an introductory article on the Coaching Pathway, including info on how to enrol.

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