National Integrity Framework - Technical Members

Being involved in the sport of gymnastics is as rewarding as it is inspiring.

As a Gymnastics Australia Technical Member, there are a set of expected behaviours you are bound by to make gymnastics a safe and enjoyable space for all. 

The following resources have been developed to support your understanding of Child Safeguarding and these expected behaviours. 

Child Safe Practices: Do’s and Don’ts
Authorised Persons Form
Club Action plan
Complaints Management fact sheet
Reporting – what happens now? Fact sheet
Indicators, Disclosures and Reporting Fact Sheet

Sport Integrity Australia Resources - Coming soon

Additionally, the Sport Integrity Australia eLearning  hub has a range of Integrity-related online modules available.

Raise a concern

Did you know Gymnastics Australia has a dedicated National Complaints Manager?

Their role is to listen to any concerns you may have regarding Child Safeguarding  and help you understand the complaints process, including if Sport Integrity Australia, the relevant Child Protection Service or the police need to be notified.  They can also help you should your concern relate to other integrity related issues within our sport.

To contact Gymnastics Australia’s National Complaints Manager: 

Sport Integrity Australia 

Sport Integrity Australia can also help you if you have a concern about a child’s safety or the behaviour of an individual in our sport. Sport Integrity Australia will also serve as an independent investigator, who will manage complaints or alleged breaches under the National Integrity Framework.

To contact Sport Integrity Australia:

Phone: 1300 027 232
Raise a concern online