Alisa Gimgina


Alisa Gimgina, born in Melbourne, is an up and coming Junior Rhythmic Gymnast having started the sport at the Age of 6. 

Competing strongly on a national level since her debut at At the Australian Gymnastics Championships (AGC) in 2014 , she has a bright future ahead of her.

At the past two AGC's, she has finished 7th overall in the All Around competition, her best national results to date. On an International level, Alisa competed at the 2014 Shoin Cup where she placed 4th. 


Birthplace: St Kilda East
Current residence: Melbourne
Occupation: Student 
Nickname: Lis
Sporting motto: Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard
Most admired sportsperson: Ganna Rizatdinova
5 Words that best describe you: Energetic, bubbly, helpful, reliable, graceful
Favourite music: Pop
Favourite movie: Princess and the Frog


Currently studying: Year 8 at Montessori School, Melbourne
Have any family members competed in elite sport:  No
Best piece of advice received: Don't dwell on mistakes, learn the lesson and move forward.
Superstitions or pre-competition rituals Breeze in, breeze out
How do you relax when not in the gym? Exotic holidays, camping, hanging out with friends


Age began gymnastics and reason for starting: 9 years old, after watching RG sessions at Olympic Games in Beiing
First Club: Prahran Rhythmic Gymnastics
First Coach: Katerina Logacheva
Current Club: Prahran Rhythmic Gymnastics
Current Coach: Tatiana Loukianenko, Durratun, Nahishin Rosli
Best apparatus: Hoops and Clubs
Favourite skill: Throw between my legs during a walkover with clubs
Most difficult skill to learn: Throw between my legs during a walkover with clubs
Favourite aspect of being a gymnast: Getting to travel and making lots of new friends
Strengths as a gymnast: Being able to revoer after a big mistake


Best National Performance: 2016 Australian Championships; 7th AA, 2nd Team, 4th Hoop
Best International Performance: 2014 Shoin Cup: 4th place
Best Gymnastics Moment: When I had competed in Shoin Cup in 2014


Year Jun/Snr
Ball Clubs Ribbon
2016 Junior International 2nd 7th - 4th - - -
2015 International 9 Junior 1st 7th - 6th - - -
2013 International 8 Junior 2nd 11th - - - - -


Commonwealth Games: N/A
World Championships: N/A
Olympic Games: N/A