WAG Team Future Camp

The Gymnastics Australia Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) Team Future (formally known as the International Development Program camp) was held in Canberra at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) from 9 - 11 November 2014 following the WAG National Club Championships in Geelong.

Ninety-seven of our best young gymnasts and their personal coaches attended the camp representing 14 different High Performance programs and gymnastics clubs from around the country.

The camp was led by National Pathways Manager Jo Richards. Assisting were experienced coaches:
• National Coach - Peggy Liddick
• Martine George - Head coach from the Western Australian Institute of sport
• Darren Webster - Head coach from the Sydney Aquatic and Gymnastics Centre
• Choreographer - Stacey Umeh

All of the participating gymnasts actively compete in the International Development Program (IDP) and were selected from their performances and ranking on the National IDEAL Skills test. The focus of the camp was to refine the athlete’s basic technique while also extending them in appropriate areas of advanced skill development.

The camp was divided into two groups - Camp 1 and 2. Both camps trained five full training sessions over the three days – it was a busy schedule for their coaches!

In-between training sessions the girls used the hot and cold spa at the AIS recovery centre, reviewed their speed in a 20 metre sprint test in the gym and on approach to the board, and studied videos from the recent World Championships competition. The girls performed an assessment of their ballet barre combinations which gave them a starting point on which to build future improvements in this area.

Training with the girls were the three senior gymnasts who were preparing for the Marseille Gymnastics Competition in France - Emma Jane Nedov, Georgia Godwin and Rianna Mizzen. Emma gave the girls a presentation about her experiences at the recent World Championships which was enjoyed by all.

Liz Bradshaw, Senior Lecturer – Biomechanics from the School of Exercise Science at the Australian Catholic University, presented an interesting lecture on ‘the Science of Vaulting’ and the coaches were introduced to some new planning procedures from WAG High Performance Program Manager Liz Chetkovich.

The coaches also listened to an interesting presentation from Jess Mason and Jeb Silsbury from Waverley Gymnastics Club, and Josh Fabian from the WA Institute of Sport about their experiences during a professional development opportunity at the recent Commonwealth Games.

During the camp all girls participated in the Physical testing. Congratulations to the following girls who excelled to be named the best physically prepared gymnasts for each age group:

  • 13 years: 1st Eadie Rawson (VWHPC), 2nd Cassie Rozental (VWHPC), 3rd Sophie Stuart (MW)
  • 12 years: 1st Georgia Fragiadakis (SWG), 2nd Abby King (VWHPC), 3rd Isabella Deak (VWHPC)
  • 11 years: 1st Kate Sayer (QHPC), 2nd Elena Chipizubov (SAGC), 3rd Sophie Mahoney (WAIS)
  • 10 years: 1st Charlie Ivey (QHPC), 2nd Alice Burton (MW), 3rd Clara Kolm (WAIS)
  • 9 years: 1st Mikayla Scerri (WAIS), Olivia Falconer (Carmel & Co), 3rd Ivey Smith (QHPC)

The overall physical test champion was Charli Ivey (QHPC).

Well done to the following girls who excelled in the individual tests:

  • 20m sprint – Elly Bayes (Geelong YMCA) in a super quick time of 3.302 minutes.
  • Eadie Raswon (VWHPC) and Meisie Bakhach (WGC) performed 22 chin-ups in 30 seconds – well done!
  • Abby King (VWHPC) performed 14 straight body casts to handstands.
  • Imogen McConville performed an amazing 25 leg lifts in 30 seconds.
  • With Amelia scoring a camp high 60 presses last camp we decided that this camp we would cap the presses to a maximum of 20, and this was performed by Amelia Whiston (VWHPC), Chloe Trisic (MW), Samantha Oliver (GHPC), Isabelle McQueen (WAIS), Tylah Otrupcek, Emma Gal, Paris McGurk and Lauren Tisdale (SWG), Meisie Bakhach (WGC), Elyssia Kenshole (Balance).
  • Elyssia Kenshole (Balance) jumped 99cm - a camp record and longer than her standing height in the standing broad jump!
  • Charlie Ivey (QHPC) climbed the rope in 8.07 minutes.
  • Eleanor Griffith (WAIS) swung 11 kip to handstands.
  • Samantha Oliver balanced a handstand for 3 minutes.

Team Future and High Achievers Squad 2014

The 2014 Team Future Squad and the 2014 Team Future High Achievers Squad members are now finalised. New qualifiers were added to complete the squads. Click on the links to view the full squads.

For more information regarding this area in the Women’s High Performance Program contact Jo Richards at jrichards@gymnastics.org.au.