TRP Team Future Camp in Canberra

The 2nd Gymnastics Australia TRP Team Future Camp was held recently in Canberra, following National Championships.

30 of our best junior athletes, along with their 13 personal coaches, participated in a comprehensive development program from May 30th to June 3rd. The camp held its various development activities at the Australian Institute of Sport, while the technical training was held at Woden Valley Gymnastics Club’s trampoline venue.

The camp was led by National Pathways Coordinator: Alexis Lebedew, along with TRP Team Future Coach: Damian Ryan.

Assisting were experienced coaches:

    • Brett Austine, Eastlake Trampoline Sports
    • Kerry Smyth, Victoria Park Gymnastic & Trampoline Club

A key part of every camp is strength testing. This year’s champions were:

  • Male - Liam Christie, from Castle Hill RSL Trampoline Club
  • Female - Imogen Florian, from Castle Hill RSL Trampoline Club

Thanks to the coaches and athletes for their passion and hard work. Also thanks to Woden Valley Gymnastics Club for their help.

Team Future Camps are a key part of Gymnatics Australia's Pathways strategies. Future Activities can be found here. For any other questions please contact Alexis Lebedew.