WAG Team Future Camp, Canberra, May 25-28, 2015

The GA WAG Team Future Camp was held recently in Canberra at the Australian Institute of Sport following the National Championships in Melbourne.  100 of our best young gymnasts and their personal coaches attended the camp representing 16 different High Performance programs and clubs from around the country. 

The clinic was led by National Pathways Manager -  Jo Richards.  Assisting were experienced coaches:

  •        National Coach – Peggy Liddick,
  •        Martine George – Head coach from the Western Australian Institute of sport
  •        Jeb Silsbury – Coach from the Waverley Gymnastics Centre
  •        Liz Chetkovich, GA WAG Program Manager, also lent her hand to coaching the developing athletes.  And
  •        Choreographer, Stacey Umeh


All of the participating gymnasts actively compete in the International Levels system and were selected from their performances and ranking on the National IDEAL Skills test. The focus of the camp was refining the girl’s basic techniques whilst also extending them in appropriate areas of advanced skill development.

The camp was divided into two groups: Clinic 1 and 2, both clinics trained 5 full training sessions over the 3 days – so it was a busy schedule for their coaches!


In between training sessions the girls utilized the hot and cold spa at the AIS recovery centre, tested their mental skills and studied videos from the recent European Championships.

During the camp all girls participated in the Physical testing.  Congratulations to the following girls who excelled to be named the best physically prepared gymnasts for each age group:

  •          13 years: 1st Abby King (NCE-MEL), 2nd Georgia Fragiadakis (SWG), Mia Banks (WGC)
  •          12 years: 1st Meisie Bakhach (WGC), 2nd Zoe Thair (WAIS), 3rd Elyssia Kenshole (Balance)
  •          11 years:  1st Sarsha Hughes (WGC), 2nd Amelia Whiston (NCE-MEL), 3rd Kiersten Hashimoto-Kougiadis (NCE-MEL)
  •          10 years: 1st Mikayla Scerri (WAIS), 2nd Tahli Danelutti (Balance), 3rd Isla Trisic (MW)
  •          9 years: 1st Amali Prince (SWG),  2nd Hanah Tarzan (WAIS), 3rd Tennision Elkins (NCE-MEL)

The overall physical test champion was Meisie Bakhach (WGC).

Well done to the following girls who excelled in the individual tests:

  •          Sarsha Hughes (WGC) won 2 tests, the 20 m sprint in a super quick time of 3.35s and performed 22 cast to handstands in a row.
  •          Overall champion Meisie Bakhach (WGC) also won the chin-ups, performing an amazing 27 in 30 secondes.
  •          Kiersten Hashimoto-Kougiadis (NCE-MEL) performed 26 leg lifts in 30 seconds!
  •          We capped the press to handstands as too many performers pressing forever! and the following girls all performed 20 press to handstands: Abby Kind and Amelia Whiston (NCE-MEL), Alice Burton, Chloe Trisic and Lucy Stewart (MW), Tylah Otrupcek and  Emma Gal (SWG) and Isabelle McQueen (WAIS)
  •          Elyssia Kenshole (Balance) won 2 tests, she jumped a 82cm longer than her standing height in the standing broad jump and climbed up the rope the fastest in 8.5 seconds.
  •          3 girls performed the most kip to handstands in a row - 11: Abby Kind (NCE-MEL), Georgia Fragiadakis (SWG), Sarsha Hughes (WGC)
  •          Grace Popplestone (GymJets) balanced a handstand the longest, 3 minutes 27 seconds!


Team Future & and High Achievers Squad 2015

The Team Future Squad and the Team Future High Achievers Squad for the first half of 2015 were announced. 


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Want to know more about Team Future – have a look at the Pathways tab in the High Performance section of our GA web site. For a complete list of GA pathways camps click on the pathways activity schedule

For more information regarding this area in the Women’s High Performance Program please contact the Pathways Manager - Jo Richards jrichards@gymnastics.org.au