Gymnastics Online (GOL) – What is it and why use it?

Relevant to: ALL coaches and ALL judges. Gymnastics Australia launched an upgraded Gymnastics Online (GOL) member portal in December. Please become familiar with the portal. All Technical Membership renewals will take place in GOL in the near future.

What is Gymnastics Online (GOL)?

GOL is a member portal which provides you with personal information which you need to know about your technical membership:

A list of your current accreditations
A list of your completed updating / professional development 
Access to Technical Member benefits, like your gymsport's Australian Levels Program (ALP)
Links to the Tech Member Handbook, updating information, professional development opportunities and the learning management system
Your personal information including email address, mailing address and phone number

Why should I use Gymnastics Online (GOL)?

You should use GOL to:
pay for your Technical Membership
check if updating has been added to your record
access your Technical Membership benefits

How do I access Gymnastics Online (GOL)?

Access to GOL is via the Gymnastics Australia website.
Visit the Gymnastics Australia website via the following address:
In the top right corner, click on ‘Sign In’ (top right of the website) to login


Enter your Username and Password then click ‘Sign In’ to continue.
        - Username – Technical Member ID number
        - Password – Combination of your surname and year of birth (no spaces)

Example: Jane Citizen, born in 1975, Technical Member ID of 1234
Username: 1234 (Technical Member ID) 
Password: citizen1975 (Surname in lowercase & year of birth)


Once you click the ‘Sign In’ button, you will return to the home page of the Gymnastics Australia website. Click on ‘Hi, Your Name’ in the top right hand corner to access the Technical Member portal.

What can I see if I go into Gymnastics Online (GOL)? 

There are 6 tabs in the Technical Member Portal:
Personal Info

To find out more information on each of the tabs open the Technical Member Portal document. 

Where do I go for support if I am not able to log in?

If your Technical Membership has expired you may not be able to Sign In. 

An easy to follow user guide has been uploaded onto the Australian Gymnastics Support Centre under ‘Knowledgebase’ -

If you have any issues with logging on to your account please submit a support ticket at