Meet GA’s newly accredited Intercontinental Judges 

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Judges and the wider gymnastics community


With a new judging cycle every four years, it is a requirement that all FIG accredited judges must attend a FIG Judging Course at the commencement of every Olympic cycle. Gymnastics in Australia is fortunate to have many high quality FIG accredited judges who have once again achieved at the highest level. Over the past four months a number of judges were selected to attend an FIG Intercontinental Judging Course in their relevant Gymsport. 

Gymnastics Australia would like to take this opportunity to thank these judges for their hard work, expertise and continual support and look forward to their continued leadership within the judging community, helping to grow Gymnastics in Australia. 

Congratulations to the following judges on attending a FIG Intercontinental Course: 

MAG – Bratislava, Slovakia
Rohan Kennedy – Category 2
Paul Szyjko – Category 2 
Daren Wolfe – Category 3 

WAG – Madrid, Spain
Trisha Hade – Category 1
Desiree Jones – Category 2
Heidi Rose – Category 2 
Michelle McMurdo – Category 1 

RG – Baku, Azerbaijan
Delia Halmu - Individual – Category 2; Groups – Category 2 
Karyn Murray - Individual – Category 3; Groups – Category 3 

TRP – Sofia, Bulgaria
Darren Gillis - TRP – Category 1; DMT – Category 1; TUM – Category 4
Leigh Oswin - TRP – Category 4; DMT – Category 3; TUM – Category 4
Nicole Richter - TRP – Category 3; DMT – Category 3

ACR – Warsaw, Poland

Catherine Buck – Category 2