Advanced GfA Coach Accreditation now available for enrolment

On Tuesday, May 9 Gymnastics Australia released the Advanced Gymnastics for All (GfA) Coach Accreditation for enrolment in the GA Learning Management System (LMS).

The Accreditation Pathway was designed in consultation with the National GfA Commission, and is a departure from other Advanced Coach Accreditation Pathways.

While Advanced Coaches of other Gymsports require a skill set that enables them to prepare athletes for higher-level competition, Advanced GfA Coaches require a broader knowledge including components of biomechanics, tumbling, risk management, planning and, importantly, knowledge of other Gymsports.

The Advanced GfA Coach Accreditation is multidisciplinary by design, contains the new Online Participation Module, and has multiple entry points to increase accessibility for a wide range of coaches.

The Accreditation Pathway involves:

  1. An online course - coaches can choose between the Online Participation Module or the Online Advanced Coaching Principles Course

  2. Spotting Log Book Assessment Task

  3. The Advanced Tumbling and Spring Face to Face Module

  4. Gaining a second Intermediate Accreditation (GfA plus one other)

  5. An Advanced GfA Planning Assessment Task

  6. A current First Aid Certificate.

Coaches have a choice between the Online Participation Module, which is designed specifically for the recreational coach teaching Advanced-level skills, or the Online Advanced Coaching Principles Course, which is predominantly for coaches working in the competitive space.

If a coach intends on attaining an Advanced Accreditation in any other Gymsport, it is recommended that they complete the Online Advanced Coaching Principles Course. If, however, a coach wants only to work in the recreational space and doesn’t intend to gain another Advanced Accreditation, then the Online Participation Module is the way to go.

Interested in gaining an Advanced GfA Accreditation?

Intermediate GfA Coaches can get started right away. Follow our step-by-step guide to get up and running on the Advanced GfA Coach Accreditation Pathway.

Intermediate Coaches of other Gymsports (currently without an Intermediate GfA Coach Accreditation) can get started by working towards their Intermediate GfA Accreditation – click here for a step-by-step guide on enrolling in a second Intermediate Accreditation in the LMS.

Advanced (or higher) Coaches with an Intermediate GfA Accreditation should contact their State / Territory Association to discuss their pathway to becoming an Advanced GfA Coach. Click here for a State / Territory Association contact list.

Advanced (or higher) Coaches without an Intermediate GfA Accreditation should enrol in the Intermediate GfA Coach Accreditation Pathway (click here for a step-by-step guide) and contact their State / Territory Association to discuss their pathway to becoming an Advanced GfA Coach.

Useful links

The Advanced GfA Assessment Task Guide is publicly available on the Gymnastics Australia Website, click here to access it.