MAG Team Future Camp

Gymnastics Australia conducted a Team Future Camp for some of Australia's most promising Junior Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG) athletes, at the Australian Institute of Sport from December 1 to 4.

The camp provided a high energy training environment for 44 gymnasts - aged between 10 and 14 years - as well as for17 coaches from 17 different programs across the country.

Gymnastics Australia provided funding for a couple of guest presenters; one coach and one gymnast, from Great Britain to contribute to the camp. 

Pete Etherington (Europa Gymnastics) is the coach of Giarnni Regini-Moran, 2014 Youth Olympic Champion.  Pete conducted a number of practical sessions for both the gymnasts and coaches at the Team Future Camp, and was heavily involved as a guest/ xpert coach for the camp.  Pete also shared his experiences and knowledge with those involved in the camp, including a session on Giarnni’s road to becoming Youth Olympic Champion.

Hamish Carter is a gymnast on the Great Britain National Squad and was a great addition to the Team Future Camp staff.  Hamish, who trains at City of Birmingham Gymnastics Club under coach Lee Woolls, was able to replace Giarnni for the Team Future Camp, when Giarrni unfortunately suffered an injury in a competition and was no longer able to attend.  Hamish assisted gymnasts with their aerial skills on trampoline and tumble tramp, demonstrated for Pete in practical sessions, and contributed to the camp sharing stories of his gymnastics development.  These stories and sessions were invaluable for our young gymnasts and their coaches.

Igor Bespalov (High Flyers Gymnastics and Trampoline Club, WA) was also a valuable contributor as guest/expert coach for the camp.

The camp was coordinated by Men’s Junior National Coach, John Curtin.  The camp schedule was quite full, with gymnasts working on content from the MAG Basic Skills & Sequences program, Ideal Skills curriculum, Profile Tests, and an exciting optional skills show in the final session.

The top performers in profile tests for the team future camp were:

10-11 years
1. Tom Brunker (NSW HPC) - 118.0 / 140.0 - 84.3%
=2.    Isaac Baldwin (Canberra City Gymnastics Club) - 113.0 / 140.0 - 80.7%
=2.    Daniel Chalabov (Sydney Hills Gymnastics Club) - 113.0 / 140.0 - 80.7%                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

12-13 years
1. Logan Owen (NSW HPC) - 120.0 / 140.0 - 85.7%
2. Matthew Roberts (High Flyers Gymnastics & Trampoline Club) - 99.0 / 140.0 - 70.7%
3. Reilly Flanagan (Woden Valley Gymnastics Club) - 98.5 / 140.0 - 70.4%   

14 years
1. Julian Preiato (VIC HPC) - 88.0 / 130.0 - 67.7%
2. Ewen McConville (NSW HPC) - 85.0 / 140.0 - 60.7%
3. Calvin Currie (QLD HPC) - 82.0 / 140.0 - 58.6%
Thanks to all the gymnasts and coaches for putting in such a big effort during the camp and contributing to such a positive environment, as well as to Pete, Hamish and Igor for sharing their knowledge and expertise to all who attended the camp.