AER FIG Cantanhede World Cup

Congratulations to the following Aerobics athletes who have been selected to compete for Australia at the 2018 FIG Cantanhede World Cup and Cantanhede International Open in Cantanhede, Portugal from March 22 to 25, 2018.


Senior Individual Women
Olivia Feaver (FIG Cantanhede World Cup)
Deborah Greenbaum (FIG Cantanhede World Cup)
Annabel Muttdon (Cantanhede International Open)
Mercedes McIntyre (Cantanhede International Open)
Zoe Tisdale (Cantanhede International Open)

Senior Trio
Olivia Feaver, Deborah Greenbaum, Annabel Muttdon (FIG Cantanhede World Cup)

Head of Delegation/Team Manager: Pearl Rozenberg
Coach: Angela McMillan
Coach: Lisa Milani
Judge (FIG World Cup): Deborah Van Hagen
Judge (Cantanhede International Open): Pearl Rozenberg

Congratulations girls and all the best in Portugal!