GOL – Change Is Coming!

Relevant to: All Technical Members 

You spoke and Gymnastics Australia listened! 

In response to feedback received by many of our Technical Members we have been working incredibly hard behind the scenes to improve the functionality of your Gymnastics Online account. We hope these changes will not only make for a better customer experience but also give you more tools to assist in staying on top of your Technical Membership.

Please read over the list below to find out what has changed:

Gymnastics Online (GOL) is now available on mobile devices meaning you can pay your memberships on the go. 
Statements of Accreditation can now be easily viewed and downloaded from your GOL account, allowing for 24/7 access to your accreditation information. 
Renewal Notifications will now be emailed directly to Technical Members. From 1 February 2018, you will receive notifications at the following intervals:
2 months prior to expiry
1 month prior to expiry
7 days post expiry
Technical Members will now receive an automated emailed with their Tax Invoice on payment of their membership renewal fees through GOL.
Newsletter Preferences can now be self-managed from the Tech Member Portal. The newsletter will still include an unsubscribe option in the footer which will re-direct Technical Members to GOL. Please visit the Newsletter Preferences information page for more information.

Gymnastics Australia will continue to send paper based reminders along with the email notifications over the next 2 months whilst transitioning over to email only. This is to ensure all Technical Members have valid email addresses and are receiving their notifications. Please refer this past newsletter article for guidelines about Technical Member email addresses.