Renewing your Technical Membership

Relevant to: ALL Coaches and Judges wishing to re-accredit for 2018. 

For many Coaches and Judges, the end of the year is when your Technical Membership comes up for renewal. The most common hold-up in renewing Tech Membership is not having enough Updating points, so now is the time to check! Get the latest information on updating points, updating ideas, and renewing your accreditation for 2018 all in one handy guide.

If you are due to renew soon and need to know how many more updating points you require and what you can do to update, here’s some tips to help:

Read our Updating Policy to view how many points you require in order to renew your membership (also shown below), what you can get points for and how many points you can get for specific courses.

To check how many points you currently have you can log into your GOL account here. Your updating points total will be on the right side of the screen. 

If you have enough updating points, congrats! If you are due to renew your membership you can do so online now via your GOL account, instructions are here.

If you require further updating please check out our Updating Ideas page. By checking the Updating Policy to discover the amount of points you can get for each course you can then choose the ones you wish to complete. Once you have completed a course please email your certificates through to and we will add your updating points for you!