AER 2018 Suzuki World Cup Team

Congratulations to the following athletes and officials who have been selected to represent Australia at the 2018 Suzuki World Cup in Tokyo, Japan from April 21-22, 2018.

Senior Individual Female
Olivia Feaver (VIC) (FIG)
Annabel Muttdon (VIC) (FIG)
Deborah Greenbaum (NSW) (IAF)
Zoe Tisdale (WA) (IAF) (Pending Competition Readiness)

Senior Trio
Annabel Muttdon, Deborah Greenbaum and Olivia Feaver

Age Group 2 Individual Female
Matilda Narvo (NSW)

Age Group 2 Trio
Elian Jabbour, Matilda Narvo, Madison Swan (NSW) (Pending Competition Readiness)

Age Group 1 Individual Female
Annabelle Mitchell (QLD)
Rebecca Osborne (WA)

Team Manager
Pam Behan

Angela McMillan
Natalie Geale

Amy Van Krimpen

Congratulations to all the athletes and officials on your selection. We wish you all the best of luck for the event!

Nomination Panel
Senior Manager Education & Sport: Bradley Low
AER Technical Director: Pam Behan
International Expert 1: Joanne Murphy
International Expert 2: Deborah Van Hagen
International Expert 3: Christopher Behan
Medical Expert: Dr Kathy Yu