2018 Pacific Rim Championships

It seems like we've been waiting FOREVER, but the 2018 Pacific Rim Championships are finally upon us!  Competition kicks off this weekend in Medellin, Colombia, and our Aussies have arrived in South America, have settled into training, and are raring to go!

Our Australian Men's Artistic (MAG), Women's Artistic (WAG), Rhythmic (RG) and Trampoline Gymnastics (RG) teams will be competing in the following sessions:

For Artistic Gymnastics, make sure you're following FloGymnastics across all channels, as they will be following the competition in detail:

Website: www.flogymnastics.com
Facebook: /FloGymnastics
Twitter: @FloGymnastics
Instagram: @flogymnastics

Their site includes videos from training and Podium Training for all countries.  They will also be livestreaming the Artistic Gymnastics competition in it's entirety here: www.flosports.tv

Unfortunately the news isn't quite as good for Rhythmic and Trampoline.  Try as we may we can't find a livestream that isn't geoblocked for these events (so please let us know if you do!)  However make sure you follow the official event website (thanks to the Colombian Gymnastics Federation) for updates and scores: fedecolgim.co/PacificRim.  The site is a little difficult to navigate due to the language barrier/translation, but we're sure everything will become much more apparent as the competition kicks off!

Finally, make sure you're following our socials over the weekend for the latest updates we receive through from our Coaches and Team Managers on the ground in Medellin:

Facebook: /GymnasticsAustralia
Twitter: @GymAustralia
Instagram: @gymaustralia

We will then do a full wrap-up via our website once competition wraps up on Monday.  Let's go Aussies!