Around the Grounds: TeamGym

TeamGym is continuing to recruit more gymnasts as the Australian TeamGym program is expanding around the country. 

TeamGym combines tumbling, mini tramp and dance to create an exciting team competition event. You get to flip, roll, jump and dance with your friends!

In May, Gymnastics ACT held their first TeamGym event, and put together some footage of the event via YouTube which displays various Novice and Intermediate routines. 

In the middle of June, Gymnastics Tasmania held their second ever TeamGym competition.

Gymnastics NT recently held a TeamGym Workshop in Katherine, and is looking towards later in the year where teams may have the opportunity to come together and showcase what they have learnt and compete against other Clubs.

An invitational was held at the end of June in Western Australia, with Clubs working towards the Gymnastics WA TeamGym State competition in November. 

In Queensland last month, the first invitational TeamGym competition was hosted, allowing Clubs to gain competition practice in preparation for the Gymnastics Queensland GymFest in November.

Towards the end of June, Gymnastics SA held a TeamGym competition ahead of the State Championship event in December. Checkout this clip showing a local Club's Intermediate mini tramp performance.  

In less than two weeks, Gymnastics NSW will be hosting a TeamGym event as part of the Country Championships.  This year TeamGym will be the second largest event being contested at the Championships, signifying impressive growth of the participation program!

Clubs in Victoria have a number of TeamGym events coming up, for those Clubs who follow the Gymnastics Victoria TeamGym program.  

The Australian TeamGym Manual is available to download from the Gymnastics Australia website

Clubs who are interested in entering the TeamGym competition at the 2018 National Clubs Carnival on the Gold Coast can access details here.


Left: Photo courtesy of Alpha Gymnastics (SA) Facebook, enjoying their first ever TeamGym competition.
Right: Photo courtesy of Swan Districts Gymnastics (WA) Facebook, showing their results at the first TeamGym event of the season.