Regional South Australia gets a taste of Gymnastics

No matter where in Australia, Gymnastics continues to be one of the most requested sports in the $200 million Australian Government initiative; Sporting Schools. 

The Sporting Schools program is designed to help schools increase children's participation in sport, and to connect them with community sporting opportunities. 

So far in 2018, over 1,000 Gymnastics programs have been delivered to schools!  Of these, 463 programs have been delivered in regional areas*. This equates to more than 140,000 students (53,000 in regional areas) participating in quality fundamental movement sessions delivered by Gymnastics Australia-qualified coaches and teachers. 

LaunchPad Gymnastics programs have been designed to give children the opportunity to learn, practise and most importantly, enjoy moving through a wide variety of activities that help them to develop physically, socially and cognitively.

Did you know that as per the latest Sporting Schools report, Gymnastics was the most requested sport in the program!?

The students at both Coober Pedy Area School (located approximately 850 kilometres north of Adelaide) and Hawker Area School (400 kilometres north of Adelaide) recently got a taste of gymnastics when HyperGym rolled into town with all the equipment they could use for their mobile gymnasium.

With many students having never seen some of the equipment that was brought up to the school, there was an ecstatic energy around the high bars, beams, parallel bars, Airtracks, and double-mini trampolines. With the drive and determination, these students have had a chance to understand their capabilities and extend themselves in hard but resilient sessions.

By the end of the day, there were students on the oval practising cartwheels, and after just a week of training, Coober Pedy students could do handstands and cartwheels, with all participants loving the experience. 

After spending a few days in Hawker, the students - and their gymnastics abilities - soared to new heights with the assistance of trampolines and air tracks in the sunny outback environment. Skill levels ranged from basic rolls to complex tumbling, with students exceeding expectations.

With the closest gymnastics club to Hawker nearly 200 kilometres away, and Coober Pedy over 630 kilometres away, many of these students from the mid-north of South Australia would not have got a chance to try gymnastics if it weren’t for programs like Sporting Schools.

Brooke Irvine, Senior Manager – Club Services at Gymnastics Australia, commented, “The enormous interest in gymnastics through the Sporting Schools program is assisting in the growth in membership in our sport.  Schools recognise the importance of fundamental movement programs like gymnastics in teaching young children how to move competently and confidently to develop their physical literacy. Gymnastics Australia’s LaunchPad programs provide the building blocks for life long participation in physical activity.

“Gymnastics has had an annual program growth of over 15%, and an overall satisfaction rating of 95% within the Sporting Schools program, which is testament to the quality of our coaches and affiliated clubs and the great work they are doing to deliver fun and engaging fundamental movement programs to children. 

“The future looks bright for our sport with many children joining their local club to continue their enjoyment of gymnastics.”

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*as defined by Department of Home Affairs, Australia