Accreditation Pathways

Are you completing an online course through the Gymnastics Australia LMS with the intention of receiving a Coaching Accreditation? Now that the LMS (Learner Management System) and Gymnastics Online (GOL) have integrated, the Accreditation Pathways are even more important than before. 

In the LMS, your Accreditation Pathway will keep track of your progress for your: 
Online course(s)
Face to face course(s)
Any assessments required for the completion of your accreditation

Not only does the accreditation pathway help you keep track of your progress, once all the components of your accreditation have been marked as complete, you will receive your accreditation! If you are not enrolled in the accreditation pathway, there will be a delay in you receiving your accreditation. 

You can enrol in the accreditation pathway by logging into the LMS and going to Browse Catalog, in the catalogue, you can choose to enrol in a Coach Accreditation Pathway, and then pick the level of accreditation (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, etc). Then, pick the gymsport and your state or territory, proceed to purchase and you’re enrolled in the Accreditation Pathway! 

The Accreditation Pathway will also make it easier for you to enrol in the correct online courses, find your face to face course and upload your assessments (Intermediate Workbook, Spotting Log Book, Annual and Seasonal Plan, etc) because these can all be done within your Accreditation Pathway! 

Gymnastics Australia has a list of user guides for every coaching level with instructions on how to enrol in the Accreditation Pathway, and how to complete all your course requirements, which you can find on the LMS Support page