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Gymnastics Australia Strategy 2013 - 16

Having reached the conclusion of the 2009 – 2012 Strategic Plan, there is much for Gymnastics Australia to be proud of, however now is not the time for us to rest on our laurels. At the beginning of September 2012, Gymnastics Australia commenced a stringent four stage planning process, to set the direction of the sport over the coming four years.

Following extensive stakeholder engagement, Gymnastics Australia's Strategic Priorities and Targets have now been set for the next Olympic cycle.

Enriching lives through Gymnastics

To promote, develop and grow Gymnastics for the enjoyment of all

Achieve significant gains in participation growth and participant satisfaction conducted through safe and welcoming environments.

Gymnastics Australia's strategic priorities for the period 2013 - 16 are to:

Performance Measurement:
- Increase total registered Gymsport participation to a minimum of 175,000
- Findings from the Annual survey of Members are implemented & reported on
- Gymnastics is recognised as the primary provider of fundamental movement programs

Strategic Initiatives:
1.1 Advocate the need and benefits of participation in fundamental movement programs for all Australian children
1.2 Build the Gymnastics brand
1.3 Grow involvement at the grassroots

Performance Measurement:
- Increase the number of Technical Members by 1,200
- 85% satisfaction rating from the Gymnastics workforce regarding the coaching and judging frameworks
- Full implementation of the new coach education framework, Club quality assurance program and National CRM platform

Strategic Initiatives:
2.1 Grow the number and capability of the Gymnastics workforce
2.2 Continually improve the delivery of Gymnastics in clubs
2.3 Utilise new and existing technologies

Performance Measurement:
- Minimum 1 medal at the 2016 Olympic Games
- Minimum 10 medals at the 2014 Commonwealth Games
- Minimum 2 World Championship medals
- International talent Identification programs

Strategic Initiatives:
3.1 Ensure our HP system is ‘fit for purpose’ and geared towards world’s best results for Australia
3.2 Provide clear pathways and support for the identification and development of world’s best talent

Performance Measurement:
- An agreed strategic direction for the sport
- Agreement of the roles and responsibilities between GA and its State / Territory organisations
- The National Event Strategy delivering $50,000 of GA’s net revenue Per Annum
- Grow affiliated providers by 20%

Strategic Initiatives:
4.1 Ensure organisational operations are viable and sustainable
4.2 Progress toward financial independence
4.3 Enhance key stakeholder relationships


  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Respect
  • Excellence
  • Integrity

Download the Gymnastics Australia Strategy 2013 - 16 Promotional Summary.

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