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Gymnastics Australia, as the national governing body for the sport of Gymnastics in Australia, is responsible for the provision of educational opportunities for the Gymnastics community.


  • Gymnastics Australia is at the forefront of Coach/Judge education and accreditation within Australia and prides itself on its range of educational opportunities.
  • A number of significant changes have occurred within both the Sport and Recreation Industry as well as the Vocation & Education Training Industry which have impacted heavily upon Gymnastics Australia's educational framework.
  • To ensure consistency across all education courses, the Australian Sports Commission and Gymnastics Australia have now come in-line with Industry requirements. Education Courses are now presented via a series of learning outcomes written in competency based language. This system not only provides consistency across Sports/Industry sectors (ie: fitness, community recreation, outdoor) and levels but also provides the opportunity for Recognising Prior Learning/Competence.

The Gymnastics Australia Education Framework can be divided into two key areas:-

  • Judging (NOAS)
    Information on the structure of the judging courses can be found in the Technical Membership Handbook (see Judging Requirements)

For more information on each area please click the link above.

A separate, but very closely related component of the framework is the provision of a Course Presenter Program (ie - Course Supervisor, Course Presenter and Course Assessor) and a Recognition of Prior Learning Program which allows those persons wishing to have their current competence measured against those competencies set by Gymnastics Australia.


Recognition of Current Competence
Course Presenting

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