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Change of Club 10 Program

Notification to Clubs

The Club 10 program has been operating for over 11 years now. As part of the Participation Plan, it was recognised that having an effective delivery network (ie. Clubs, schools, businesses) is vital for increasing the number of people participating in gymnastics related activities. 

Your clubs/schools/businesses are the vital link and we believe providing you with support and the opportunity to develop is a high priority. To this end, a review of the current Club 10 program was undertaken in 2011 and a restructure of the program is being proposed. This ‘new’ program hopes to address the difficulties that clubs face with the current Club 10 Program, whilst retaining the great aspects also. Overall, we need to increase participation in the program and it has been recognised that it needs to be easier to get involved to achieve this. The features of the new program will include:
  • An increased focus on the development of clubs, not just compliance
  • A scalable program which can accommodate small to large clubs
  • An opportunity for clubs to specialise
  • A clear and simple brand which can be promoted and will appeal to the general public
  • Focus on implementation not just documentation
  • Include opportunities for clubs to do self-assessments and help drive their own development
  • Greater recognition and rewards for high performing clubs
  • An opportunity to network and gain support from a range of sources, including other clubs and State Associations
  • An easier way to complete assessments/audits. 
More details of the program will be released later in 2013. 
Of course, with the introduction of a new program, comes a transition from the old to the new. Rest assured that we are aiming to make the transition as seamless as possible, however, there will likely be some action on your behalf. A transition plan is currently being developed and you will be informed with plenty of notice of when things will be changing.
In the meantime, a decision has been made by the State and National Associations to discontinue the auditing/assessment of clubs in the current Club 10 program for this year, given that we know that changes are imminent. The last audit/assessment period was October 2011 and any clubs who submitted in this round will be supported through to completion at whatever Star level they were applying for. No new submissions will be accepted however, until the new program is launched. 
For those clubs who are currently working towards an application for a particular Star level, your efforts will still be relevant for the new program, as well as improving the overall operation of your club. Since the requirements for the new program will not be exactly the same as the current star levels, be mindful of not ‘ticking the boxes’ of the current checklists and expecting that they will automatically carry over. Just to emphasise … none of the work you have done or are doing will be wasted. The areas of focus for providing quality gymnastics programs are not wrong and will still be relevant in the future. 
Both Gymnastics Australia and the State Associations are committed to helping clubs develop, grow and be sustainable and to provide a quality assured level of gymnastics programs. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your State Club 10 or Club Development Officer.
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