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How do I become a Technical Member of Gymnastics Australia?
Technical Membership is a special category of membership with Gymnastics Australia. It is offered to coaches and judges who have successfully completed required competencies by attending one of Gymnastics Australia’s accreditation courses in Coaching or Judging. For more information on the type of courses available and the next courses conducted in your state, please contact your State Gymnastic Association.

Once the required competencies have been met, coaches and judges are invited to become Technical Members of their State Association Member/Gymnastics Australia. Each State Gymnastic Association Member is responsible for setting their own annual Technical Membership fee, with Gymnastics Australia setting their annual Technical Membership fee. The State Association Member and Gymnastics Australia's Technical Membership fee is usually presented to the member as one annual fee.

Important Updates to the Technical Membership Renewal Process As outlined in both postal and digital communication to all current members in 2012 and 2013, the Technical Membership renewal process has now changed to an annual subscription. The new subscription will fall due on your membership renewal anniversary date instead of a calendar year subscription.

For online renewals, your membership renewal anniversary date will be the date which your 2013 Technical Membership renewal payment was processed. For manual renewals, the date your renewal form was received in the Gymnastics Australia office will be your renewal anniversary date.

For example, Jane Citizen received her membership renewal form on November 23 2012 and is eligble to renew her membership online. Jane paid her membership fee on November 25 2012 and received an email confirming the payment has been processed. Therefore, Jane's membership renewal anniversary date will now be November 25 each year (unless her payment is received late in a subsequent year).

Similar to home insurance or car registration, this improved process will provide you a full 12 month cycle to gain updating points and include your annual State Association Congress. 

To learn more about the new renewal process, please review the Gymnastics Australia Technical Membership FAQs.

Why become a Technical Member of Gymnastics Australia?
Gymnastics Australia has in excess of 4950 Technical members operating in over 520 Gymnastics Clubs throughout Australia. As a valued member of Gymnastics Australia, all Technical members are provided with opportunities for:-

  • Information - via regular circulars & the internet
  • Education - access to courses, congresses and workshops
  • Protection - in the form of a special Insurance Package
  • Participation - in events at all levels of our sport
  • Communication - with other members and organisations

By becoming a member of your State Association (and in turn Gymnastics Australia), you are being counted as an active coach or judge within the sport of Gymnastics and assisting Gymnastics Australia to meet your growing needs and the needs of the participants within the sport. Positions now available on the National Commission of each Gymsport - applications close 25 Jan. 2014 find out more.

It is only when Gymnastics Australia knows who its members are, that it can actively contribute to improving the quality and standard of services to these members. There is much truth in the old adage... "strength in numbers".

The Benefits of Technical Membership for 2014
Technical Members receive benefits that are designed to assist and support them in their roles. All Coaches who become Technical Members of Gymnastics Australia also receive separate benefits from their State Gymnastic Association. Plus from time to time you will receive special bonus purchase offers from Gymnastics Australia's corporate partners.

In 2014, Gymnastics Australia is pleased to offer you an expanded range of lifestyle and financial benefits through Member Advantage. The expanded range of benefits includes great savings on dining at a range of selected restaurants and a 5% discount off a wide range of pre-purchased gift cards. To find out more visit, login using your Gymnastics Australia membership number as displayed on your membership card.

New Membership Benefit in 2014 - Australian Levels Program

From December 1st 2013, all Technical Members who either renew their membership for a further 12 months or attain a membership for the first time will receive free access to a digital version of the Australian Levels Program manual or equivalent for each Gymsport they hold an accreditation in!


Membership Card



Accreditation Certificate

Australian Levels Program

International Gymnast Digital Subscription

Technical Membership Handbook

Gymnastics Australia's Technical Membership Handbook is one of the most important documents for all Technical Members. It provides all coaches and judges with the necessary information for maintaining and upgrading accreditations as well as other important rules and regulations (including updating). Please ensure you are familiar with the contents of this handbook.

National Risk Protection Programme

The National Risk Protection Programme is provided to members of Gymnastics Australia and the State Associations. Gymnastics Australia's National Risk Protection Programme comprises of the following covers:

  • General Liability, includes Professional Indemnity
  • Club Management Liability
  • Personal Injury

To find out more about Gymnastics Australia's National Risk Protection Programme, review the Programme FAQs or contact Gymnastics Australia’s insurance brokers, JLT Sport on 1300 130 373.

 Policies and Regulations

By signing the Technical Membership Form, all coaches and judges agree to abide by all of Gymnastics Australia's Policies and Regulations. Please ensure you are familiar with each of following policies and regulations.

  • National Updating Policy - all coaches must update annually to renew their accreditation with Gymnastics Australia. This policy, as outlined in the Technical Membership Handbook, details the methods of updating that can be used and the rules governing all updating events. All coaches who submit updating evidence that is not in-line with this policy may have their Technical Membership withheld until verification is provided.
  • Coaches Code of Ethics - as an accredited member of Gymnastics Australia, every coach must abide by the rules outlined within this policy.
  • Member Protection Policy - outlines the rules associated with the fairness and equity of membership within gymnastics.
  • Privacy Policy - outlines the rules associated with the collection, storage and use of membership information and personal details.
  • Anti-Doping Policy - outlines the guidelines associated with the detection, deterrence and prevention of doping within gymnastics. This policy applies to all members, athletes and other personnel as outlined within.

Visit the By-laws, Policies & Technical Regulations page to view the current version of the Member Protection Policy, Privacy Policy and Anti-Doping Policy.

Updating Information

  • Information regarding Red Cross and St John Ambulance Senior and Level 2 First Aid Courses
    Any Level 2 or Senior First Aid Certificates issued by St John Ambulance or Australian Red Cross are valid for three years on successful completion of the course.
    A Refresher course (or update) must be completed prior to the certificate expiry date, if this is not done the full course will have to be completed again.
    There is no leniency with this. As soon as your certificate expires if you have not completed an update you must redo the entire course.
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL): RPL is a process that will enable applicants to be granted recognition of acquired competencies, regardless of when, where or how obtained, through formal and/or informal training, work experience and/or life experience. These competencies will be assessed against current and relevant learning outcomes/competency standards through the approved RPL process.

  • Renewal Survey - If you are NOT planning to renew your Technical Membership for the current year, we would like to know why so that we may improve our services and products in the future.
  • Member Login - to view your current membership status and details (as it appears on the National Database) grab your Gymnastics Australia ID number and login. 

Check you Updating

Prior to the commencement of Technical Membership renewal it is prudent to check your updating and ensure eligibility.  Did you know you can check your current accreditations and updating online, simply access your Technical Member record through Gymnastics Online and select the option of choice.

If you have never accessed your Technical Membership record online, simply utilise the Gymnastics Online link below and utilise the following:
In the ‘Login’ field, enter your Technical Member ID number
In the ‘Password’ field, enter the combination of your Surname and Year of Birth (no spaces)*
Click the ‘sign on’ button to continue
For example, Jane Citizen, born in 1975, with a Technical Member ID of 1234, will login as:
            Login:               1234                            (Technical Member ID#)
            Password:        citizen1975              (Surname in lower-case & Year of Birth)
* Other than where this has been previously changed by the Member.

Other Links:

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How to Renew your Technical Membership Online

The ’How to Renew your Technical Membership Online’ Guide is available to assist Techncial Members compelte their renewal online.  G-Renew, online renewal, remains th efastest, most efficient method for Technical Members to re-join as members of Gymnastics Australia.  It is important that you read this Guide carefully as it explains the steps required in order to renew your Technical Membership.

 Gymnastics Online Technical Members User Guide


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  • Australian Sports Commission - Sports Accreditation Online: a database of coaches and officials accredited through the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS) and the National Officiating Accreditation Scheme (NOAS)


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