Participation Coach or Performance Coach? The choice is yours!

Relevant to: Coaches Intermediate and above.

The National Coaching Pathway provides you, a coach, with a clear pathway to achieve an accreditation through targeted learning. Are you taking athletes to competition? Join the Performance Pathway and gain the knowledge you need to prepare them. Working in the Recreational space? Take the Participation Pathway and grow your coaching skills as your athlete’s progress.


What is the participation pathway?

Open to Intermediate MAG, WAG, ACR, GfA, TUM and TRP coaches, the Participation Pathway is streamlined so that coaches learn what they need to safely teach somersaults and other selected tumbling skills. 

Previously, if a coach wanted to teach these Advanced-level skills, they had to first complete the Advanced Coaching Principles Course, primarily targeted at coaches of competitive gymnasts. Gymnastics Australia has released a new course, the Online Participation Module, specifically targeted at the participation coach, allowing them to gain essential knowledge in safety, assessing skill readiness, spotting and how to teach.

Following this, a coach completes the Spotting Log Book assessment task and finally attends the 4.5 hour Advanced Tumbling and Spring Face to Face Module (previously Module 1).

An Intermediate TRP Coach attends a different Face to Face Course (the Advanced TRP Module 1 Face to Face Course) however all other coursework remains the same.

What’s involved?

The Participation Pathway coursework involves:
1. Online Participation Module (3-4 hours)
2. Spotting Log Book (5-10 hours)
3. Advanced Tumbling and Spring Face to Face Module* or Advanced TRP Module 1 Face to Face Course* (4.5 hours)

*Must be 17 years minimum to attend Face to Face Modules

What is the performance pathway?

Take your athletes to the next level! The Advanced Accreditation is for the developing performance coach and will teach you all the skills you need to develop physical abilities, plan and prepare for competition season, understand biomechanical principles as they relate to gymnastics and so much more. The Advanced Course prepares you for a coaching career in gymnastics and teaches you lifelong skills.

An Intermediate Coach can move into the Performance Pathway at any time and is capable of progression towards an Advanced Silver or High Performance Coach Accreditation.

The Pathway to becoming an Advanced coach for all Gymsports (except GfA - click here to find out more ) remains the same, with one alteration: MAG, WAG, GfA, ACR and TUM coaches who wish to attend the Advanced Tumbling and Spring Module (previously Module 1) earlier need to complete the Online Advanced Coaching Principles Course and the Spotting Log Book assessment task. This assessment task replaces the Physical Preparation Project as a pre-requisite to the Module.

What’s involved?

The Performance Pathway coursework involves:
1. Online Advanced Coaching Principles Course (10 – 15 hours)
a. Junior Coach Project assessment task
b. Spotting Log Book assessment task
c. Physical Preparation Project assessment task
d. Self-analysis Project assessment task
e. Annual and Seasonal Plan assessment task
2. Online Advanced Gymsport Coaching Course (4 to 10 hours)
a. Skills Analysis Project assessment task
3. First Aid Course
4. Advanced Face to Face Course Modules* 1, 2, 3 and 4 (2 days)

*Must be 17 years minimum to attend Face to Face Modules

How do I enrol into a Pathway?

Visit the Accreditation Pathways page  for comprehensive step-by-step guides.

You can also watch the video before for a walkthrough on how to enrol:


Contact your State or Territory Association for more information. 

Download the Coach Accreditation Pathway brochure by clicking the link below.