State and Territory Representation at Advisory


Seven Gymsports were represented over the weekend by enthusiastic, dedicated and knowledgeable leaders of our sport. 

Advisory is an opportunity for each State and Territory to send a representative from each Gymsport to Melbourne for two days of discussion and advising on all things Gymnastics! 

On Friday, the National Commissions were welcomed by Gymnastics Australia's incoming, CEO Kitty Chiller. They heard from various Gymnastics Australia staff who were seeking advice from our technical experts, and the day concluded with a celebratory dinner function as a small token of our appreciation; recognising the wonderful contribution our National Commissions have made to Gymnastics in Australia.

On Saturday, the State and Territory delegates arrived and were warmly welcomed by CEO, Mark Rendell, followed by a guest speaker who set the scene for the weekend with the topic of ‘Leadership, Culture and Success’. Gymnastics Australia staff passionately spoke about the great work we are collaboratively doing and highlighted that with the sustained support of our Gymsport representatives, will continue to identify exciting opportunities. In the afternoon, there was a ‘Q ‘n’ A’ session, where the floor was open for the delegates to ask questions pertaining to their Gymsport, with the evening finishing off at dinner where a roaming magician joined us, leaving us all gob-smacked. 

Sunday was all about the Gymsports. The groups broke away for a days’ worth of solid discussions and productive planning for the next year and beyond.

We wish to thank all of our delegates and National Commission members for taking time away from their personal lives for the advancement of our sport, and to the State and Territory offices for continuing to support this great annual initiative.

Photos: RG Commission and Delegates, Brad Mannix (MAG) and our Magician, Advisory Group Photo, ACR & AER Gymsports working together.