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15 Aug 2014 New members coming your way via voucher program!
15 Aug 2014 Tickets on sale now for the 2014 Australian Aerobic Gymnastics Championships and volunteer now
15 Aug 2014 Trampoline Team Future Camp
13 Aug 2014 FIG Level 3 Academy Program - Expression of Interest
14 Mar 2014 Welcome to Gymnastics Australia's Learning Management System

New members coming your way via voucher program!

Friday, 15 August 2014

Gymnastics Australia's national promotional opportunity designed to help clubs to attract new members has launched!

The new website is now live at and allows purchasers of a Little Star Gifts gymnastics gift voucher to redeem one free gymnastics session at participating clubs across Australia.

At no cost to your club, Gymnastics Australia has partnered with Little Star Gifts to include a voucher in their latest gift voucher booklet. Booklets are now being sold through partnerships with The Alannah and Madeline Foundation and Special Olympics Australia.

To redeem their voucher, purchasers will visit the website, select the location of their preferred club and register their contact information.

Their preferred club will be emailed to inform them of the purchaser’s interest, and the club must make contact with the purchaser to arrange to redeem the voucher.

In the trial period, Little Star will sell booklets in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, however vouchers may be redeemed at clubs across Australia. Little Star will reprint the booklets every few months for the following year and sales of the booklets may be extended to other states.

Opting out
Gymnastics Australia brings clubs this opportunity to assist them to attract new members. All clubs are listed on the website as a participating club unless the club has otherwise informed Gymnastics Australia.

If you do not wish to be included in this membership opportunity, and have not yet informed Gymnastics Australia, please email Clubs are invited to opt in at any time.

Redemption is subject to each club’s availability and vouchers for the first booklet run expire at the end of 2014.

Gymnastics Australia does not receive any funds from the sale of booklets.

If you have any questions about this opportunity, please contact Gymnastics Australia at


Tickets on sale now for the 2014 Australian Aerobic Gymnastics Championships and volunteer now

Friday, 15 August 2014

Tickets to the 2014 Australian Aerobic Gymnastics Championships are now available! The national event will be held at the Sleeman Sports Complex, Chandler Theatre in Queensland from Thursday 18 - Sunday 21 September 2014, and we need volunteers to make it happen.

Held in conjunction with the Australian AEROSkools Championships, the Australian Aerobic Gymnastics Championships will showcase Australia's best and brightest Aerobic Gymnasts in a four day spectacle.

Witness the superhuman power of our world class Aerobic Gymnasts, the incredible finesse of the AeroDance teams and the agility of Aerobic Gymnasts in the competitive AEROSkools division.

Support your favourite athlete, cheer on your state or simply watch in wonder as these gymnasts dare to take on challenges that would frighten even the bravest superhero.

Tickets to the event, as well as a full schedule and merchandise, are now available on the Gymnastics Australia website.

Gymnastics Australia is also seeking 40 volunteers to undertake crucial roles throughout the event with great enthusiasm and a willingness to help. The volunteer experience provides an opportunity to develop new skills, make new friends, achieve personal satisfaction and most importantly, have fun. If you’d like to lend a hand to make this event incredible, please complete a volunteer application form.


Trampoline Team Future Camp

Friday, 15 August 2014

Following the National Club Championships in Hobart, the first ever Trampoline Gymnastics Team Future camp was run in Hobart from August 4th - 6th.

Athletes from around Australia were invited to the camp, along with their coaches. The target age group was 12-14 years old. In all, 23 athletes and 10 coaches participated.

The camp consisted of five training sessions, and three other development opportunities. Along with the training done by the athletes at the camp, they were also very fortunate to be joined by Blake Gaudry and Jack Penny who were preparing for their overseas trip to compete in World Cup events in Europe.

The Lead Coach of the camp was Ben Kelly, who did a fantastic job driving the technical direction of the camp. Viktor Zhuravlev also contributed his expertise in choreography.

Gaye Rutherford, a Dietician who works with the Tasmanian Institute of Sport, presented a session to the coaches and athletes on nutrition, focussing on what is required to assist performance in the daily training environment. Blake Gaudry participated in an extensive Q&A with the athletes, generously answering their questions (from Olympic experiences, personal sporting history and the challenges of managing education and sport). The athletes (aided by their coaches) also completed a Goal Setting session, starting the process of developing a long term plan for their own sporting success.

Congratulations to Georgia Rayment and William McGrath who were the best rated athletes in the physical testing conducted at the Camp.

Initial feedback from the Camp has been excellent, with the athletes enjoying and benefiting from the experience, and coaches being positive about the quality. Having said this, the post-camp coaches debrief has highlighted some opportunities to improve camps in the future.

There will be two more Team Future activities next year, with the exact timing still to be decided.

Thanks very much to all who assisted with the camp, particularly Ben Kelly, who’s work in the preparation of the camp went above and beyond.

For more information concerning Gymnastics Australia’s Team Future program, please contact Alexis Lebedew at


FIG Level 3 Academy Program - Expression of Interest

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Relevant to: all MAG, WAG and TRP Coaches Level 2, Level 3, Advanced Silver, High Performance and High Performance Gold. This article provides information about the course and calls for an expression of interest from any coach who would like to attend this course.

FIG Level 3 Academy Program – MAG, WAG, TRP
Gymnastics Australia will be hosting a FIG Level 3 Academy Program from 29th November to 7th December 2014 in Canberra. A participant who successfully completes a FIG Level 3 Academy Program will gain a High Performance Accreditation.

We are seeking expressions of interest for coaches who would like to attend this course. Download the application form below and return it to to register your interest to attend.

FIG Level 3 Academy Program - Expression of Interest Application Form

Dates: Saturday 29th November – Sunday 7th December 2014 (full time, residential course)

Venue: AIS, Canberra

Cost: To be advised (we are waiting for confirmation from FIG - please take into account that the course will be full time and residential)

Eligibility to apply: The minimum Gymnastics Australia requirements are:
- MAG, WAG or TRP Level 2 or 3 Accreditation
- MAG, WAG or TRP Advanced Silver, High Performance or High Performance Gold Accreditation if the coach has received the accreditation via RPL
- MAG, WAG or TRP Advanced Silver, High Performance or High Performance Gold Accreditation with evidence of knowledge and understanding of coaching principles, anatomy, physiology and biomechanics (e.g. a further education course) to ensure that the participant is fully prepared for the rigours of a FIG Level 3 Academy Program.

Please note that the FIG Level 3 Academy Program is organised and delivered by FIG. Gymnastics Australia is responsible for the day to day administration of the course.

Course Content: Please view the PDF documents below to find out about course content.

Theory Overview
Men's Artistic Gymnastics
Women's Artistic Gymnastics
Trampoline Gymnastics

Application Form: Download the application form below and return it to to register your interest to attend.

FIG Level 3 Academy Program - Expression of Interest Application Form


Welcome to Gymnastics Australia's Learning Management System

Friday, 14 March 2014

Once logged in, you have access to:

• Enrol in and complete the new coaching courses - online component
• Enrol in the face to face course in your Gymsport in your state/territory
• Upload your First Aid certificate via the External Training Activity menu
• Upload your Pre Course Workbook via the External Training Activity menu (Beginner Coaches only)

Beginner Coaches
If you have completed the Beginner Coaching Course, please log in using your email address as your log in, upload the required documents (Pre Course Workbook and First Aid Certificate.) These will be approved by the education coordinator in your state/territory. Once this occurs, you can gain access to completing the Intermediate Coaching Courses.

All other coaches
If you currently have a Gymsport accreditation and wish to complete an Intermediate Coach Accreditation, you need to:

1. Click on the link below to access the Learning Management System (LMS)
2. Create your own profile, username and password
3. Email your state/territory association and include:
    a. Your member number
    b. The Gymsport you are currently accredited in
    c. The Gymsport you would like to enrol in

To contact your state/territory association, click here.

As at March 2014
The Beginner Coaching Course is live.

The Intermediate Coaching Courses are live in the following Gymsports:
• Gymnastics for All (GfA)
• Kindergym (KG)
• Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)
• Women's Artistic Gymnastics (WAG)
• Tumbling (TUM)
• Rhythmic Gymnastics (RG)
• Trampoline Gymnastics (TRP)
• Aerobic Gymnastics (AER)
• Acrobatic Gymnastics (ACR)

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