ANAC Team Announcement

Congratulations to the following Aerobic Gymnastics athletes and officials who have been selected to represent Australia at the 2018 ANAC International in Phoenix, Arizona, from July 28 to August 1.


Age Group 1 Individual Female
Alice Di Betta (QLD / Premier Gymnastics)
Nadia Wang (NSW / Sydney West Gymsports)

Age Group 1 Trio
Ruby Conti, Brooke Hay and Sophie Varis (VIC / Advantage Gymsports)

Senior Individual Female
Mercedes McIntyre (QLD / Premier Gymnastics)
Michaela Warren (QLD / Premier Gymnastics)


Junior Individual Female

Ruby Conti (VIC / Advantage Gymsports)
Taylah MacNicol (QLD / Premier Gymnastics)

Junior Trio
Jessica Naman, Patricia Siriphan and Leila Ghazi (NSW / Sydney West Gymsports)

Intermediate Individual Female
Carissa Uno (NSW / Sydney West Gymsports)
Yena Lee-Kang (QLD / Premier Gymnastics) 
Casey Rogan (NSW / Non Stop Dance Company)

Intermediate Trio
Tessa Boardman, Alice Di Betta and Kayli Bell (QLD / Premier Gymnastics)

Intermediate Group
Peggy Tamone, Cara Bedford, Ella Sharland, Amelie Marsland, Madelyne Arthur, Kristiana Feron-Farrell, Abby Lavin and Phoebe Bergh (QLD / Adrenaline Aerobics and Fitness)

Senior Individual Female
Ghielaina Waigh (QLD / Adrenaline Aerobics and Fitness)
Maddie Royle (VIC / Loreto Gymnastics Club)
Caitlin Shipsides (VIC / Loreto Gymnastics Club)
Amelia Fear (VIC / Melbourne Gym Sports)

Senior Individual Male
Tyson Martin-Durrington (NSW / North Coast Gymnastics) 

Senior Mixed Pair
Tyson Martin-Durrington and Danielle Smith (NSW / North Coast Gymnastics)

Senior Trio
Shona Lynch, Taylor Clayton and Darcy Lawton (QLD / Adrenaline Aerobics and Fitness)
Caitlin Shipsides, Maddie Royle and Kenji Fujihara (VIC / Loreto Gymnastics Club)
Paris Waigh, Sophie Carozza and Kristiana Feron-Farrell (QLD / Adrenaline Aerobics and Fitness)

Senior Group
Ghielaina Waigh, Shona Lynch, Taylor Clayton, Darcy Lawton and Paris Waigh (QLD / Adrenaline Aerobics and Fitness)


Head of Delegation
Pam Behan

Team Manager
Nicky Donaldson

Angela McMillan
Natalie Geale
Amy Van Krimpen
Rebekah England-Hill

Priscilla Ruddell
Deborah Greenbaum

Gymnastics Australia would like to wish all athletes and officials the best of luck in your final preparations before heading off for Phoenix in July.