Free MAG 4x4 Program resources

The MAG 4x4 Program is a fun circuit style competition that any club can run with basic equipment, whether or not they operate a MAG program. Developed by the MAG National Commission, the resource provides you with the competition format, set routines across four apparatus (plus two optional apparatus), and a certificate. Click here to check out the resource and see how easy it is to run this fun, simple and quick competition in your club!

The MAG 4x4 Program is a fun way for your athletes to develop basic shapes and learn new skills, combined with a simple competition format that encourages development and participation. 

Four routines are provided for each of the four apparatus to cater for a wider variety of skill levels, so for example the floor routine at level one contains the forward roll, sideways roll and straight jump and some basic key shapes, whilst the level four routine includes the cartwheel, handstand and shoulder stand amongst other skills. With PDFs and animations for every single routine, the resource is easy to understand and simple to implement.

Here is an example of the level 3 floor routine:

How does the competition work?
Four apparatus stations – bar, floor, pommel horse and vault
Two coaches per apparatus station – one coach to assess performance, one coach to keep the line of gymnasts organised
Up to 32 competitors per session – divided up into groups of eight per apparatus
As soon as the athlete has finished one apparatus they then move straight to the next apparatus and stand at the back of the line to wait for their turn
Each gymnast has a score card which doubles as their certificate – their performance is graded into Gold, Silver or Bronze.

The score card / certificate and routines are provided in the resource. More information on the competition can be found on the 4x4 MAG Program page in your Technical Member Benefits.

Gymnastics Australia would like to thank and congratulate the MAG National Commission and Trent Lawrie for this fantastic resource.